Day 27 - Ivalo, Helsinki, Vienna, Salzburg

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December 28th 2017
Published: January 7th 2018
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We arrive safely in Salzburg at midnight after taking flights 8,9 and 10. Unfortunately there is nothing memorable other than a very pleasant dinner at Vienna Airport in Jamies’ (that bloke gets everywhere). The Austrian Airlines flight from Vienna to Salzburg is staffed entirely by elves. As well as being complete bastards it seems they also have the world’s worst cabin crew uniforms consisting of red hats, white blouses with red vests, red skirts, red tights and red shoes. Serves them right.

The next day we meet our great friends the O’Connors (Jac and Red) and drive to Hallstat.

Despite meticulous planning (and the bastards at Austrian Airlines) Hallstat is a potential weak link in my itinerary. I had selected it after a Google search of cute Austrian towns. The pictures showed plenty of snow so I figured you must be able to ski somewhere nearby. In the weeks preceding the trip I learnt some interesting facts about Hallstat. It is so popular with Chinese tourists that they have built a replica of it in China for those not able to travel. Secondly Greg McElroy had suggested that there was no skiing nearby.


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