Stunning Views and More Walking in The Rain - at Least it Was All Down-hill

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August 9th 2011
Published: August 9th 2011
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Spectacular ViewsSpectacular ViewsSpectacular Views

The views from the top of the Rauris cable-car
The day started-off well. There were some blue patches in the sky and it wasn’t raining. We therefore decided that today was the day for a good walk so we set-off early – or at least early by our standards.

Keen to learn from the mistakes of yesterday we got the cable car, which runs from very close to our apartment, to the top of a nearby peak. That way, unlike yesterday, the whole walk would be downhill. As you would expect, the cable car is clearly designed for the skiing season,but beside the map of the ski-runs was a map of the walks for the summer season, using the same blue, red and black conventions. Our route was mainly red, which took in most of the good views.

As we were walking down, the rain decided to make an appearance. Then, a little while later, it was sunny again. Then it was raining again. Then it was sunny again. The rain was nothing like in the league of yesterday, so at least we didn’t get soaked again and we were able to take some pictures without worrying about the camera getting too wet.

It took about ten
Alpine CowsAlpine CowsAlpine Cows

As in the Milka chocolate wrappers.
minutes to get to the top and then it took about three hours to get back down to Rauris. It was a fantastic walk and the views were stunning despite the cloud and rain.

When we got to the bottom the sun was shining and it seemed to have turned into a nice day, so we through we would spend the afternoon playing mini golf. Inevitably it rained again and we ended-up getting drenched for the second day in a row.

We put on our rain coats again and ventured out for a meal in the evening. We found what appeared to be a traditional Austrian restaurant and so we thought we would try that out. The food was excellent and the portions were huge. We got some bread to start off with, which came with some spreads. We couldn’t work out what they were and when we asked we really wished we hadn’t when one turned out to be “fat and vegetables”. Later on the happy-clappy hippy family arrived and they then proceeded to get out a guitar and they all started having a traditional Austrian sing-a-long. Everyone seemed to accept it, but there was a teenager
Mountain StreamsMountain StreamsMountain Streams

One of the many streams running down the hill along our walk.
sat at their table who looked incredibly uncomfortable and wasn’t singing-a-long.

One thing that we noticed when we were looking for somewhere to eat was that everywhere seemed to close by 8.00pm; 8.30pm at the very latest. It’s a good job we didn’t want to eat out on the previous night as we would have been too late anyway.

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Lower-level view over Rauris.

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