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December 1st 2005
Published: December 18th 2005
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the infamous barranca de cobra route.... and here i was venturing out by myself pero venturing around with a bunch of brilliant people...

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casa margarita y the local niñoscasa margarita y the local niños
casa margarita y the local niños

breakfast and dinner was included in the 10 accomodation... what more could you ask for... but friendly locals
welcome to creel¨s cajero automaticowelcome to creel¨s cajero automatico
welcome to creel¨s cajero automatico

although they did note and attend to it straight away, the mexican way :)
hike down to hot poolshike down to hot pools
hike down to hot pools

ooh and look at the humungous rock formations, indians used to lives here, have their fires, that¨s why the ceiling of the cave is black... ya huh
the hot poolsthe hot pools
the hot pools

...oh SO natural...
below the hot poolsbelow the hot pools
below the hot pools

...OH so natural...
horse ride into the sunsethorse ride into the sunset
horse ride into the sunset

sounds romantic... but it was more magical, you¨ll see why
horse ride into village of the mushroomshorse ride into village of the mushrooms
horse ride into village of the mushrooms

though the people were more interesting than the vegetation
tigres in creeltigres in creel
tigres in creel

doesnt seem right in 4 degree celcius conditions, theres hotal there, and wild animal in small cages are their attraction... or in my case, detraction... what ever floats your boat
mango lampsmango lamps
mango lamps

this one's for you angie, i know how much you like mangos, and isn't it superb when its in lamp form.... yes, well i think so too. p.s they had apples and others too
creel mariachicreel mariachi
creel mariachi

who sneakily snuck a kiss from sarah... donçt worry i wonçt tell junior :)
sari, the stunt womansari, the stunt woman
sari, the stunt woman

turned out to be a good set up ... nice work... i would hire you
century plantcentury plant
century plant

these plants grow out of the agave (tequila plant) after '100' years, and blossoms just before the plant is about to die... what a beautiful way to go.

health to you all
batopilas from abovebatopilas from above
batopilas from above

only 3 hours to go, and 3000 mudstones to drive over
casa margarita in batopilascasa margarita in batopilas
casa margarita in batopilas

with dinner and breakfast provided on our special 'kids only' table, i didn't mind the overly priced haunted hotel.
the batopilas suspension bridgethe batopilas suspension bridge
the batopilas suspension bridge

possibly one of the cooler this to see in the actual batopilas village, apart from the kis looking like maori, kiwi kids
the batopilas riverthe batopilas river
the batopilas river

a.k.a the lavanderia
across the batopilas riveracross the batopilas river
across the batopilas river

we were approached by two lil girls wanted to selling us stuff, and in return they took us to their home

19th December 2005

can't get over the hair
omg i can't believe you cut your tresses... o0o0o and nice place where the indians used to live!

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