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Published: April 8th 2008
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Wow, do we have stories...Pete's debit card was compromised on April 4. On April 5 mine was compromised. The charges are coming out of texas. After spending a few minutes on Skype, we heard our bank telling us it would take around 10 days for a full refund.
Some of the cruisers have been hit with as much as 6K. Fortunately, we heard about it early on and cut off the card before they could wipe us out for this month. Scary!!
Pete's card was compromised in Antigua. Mine was compromised in St. Marteen.
I went to the bank where my card was compromised yesterday, read on: I walked in told the security guard my story, he said you have to go in this line for customer information. I replied, I am trying to do you a favor, I have no time to sit on a line. He then looked at me kind of funny, went walking to CS, came back on phone, while I am getting very beligerant! You have no idea how I can get, when I lose my patience, and I have been on phone this morning with banks. No patience at all.
He get off phone, I said look I am here of my free will, I could just leave St. Marteen and keep this proff with me. Get someone to speak to me NOW.
He gets back on phone, I identify myself, tell my story, woman on the line tells me she is to busy to check the ATM now. I replied well, lady, it is your bank, it is your country, if you are too DAMN busy right now, you might get someone else to Check ceiling and machine. But, lady, it is your country and your damn bank, so do whatever you wish with information, I will notify the cruising community of your reply to me, have a real bad year, I hung up! Guess this is the way of the islands...


10th June 2008

Debit disasters
Jim had his card compromised the 4-6th. 17 charges to Exxon Mobil, McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, grocery shopping at Stop and Shop and Walmart. Glad they got plenty to eat and gas for those 3 days. Now time for them to pay it back. 1000 dollars. Cancelled card and have to wait for all of them to post before a claim can be made. 31.12 still hasn't posted. Jim had to call himself, but the jerk could use his identity without a problem using it as a credit card as they didn't have his pin number. Good lluck and thank you for sharing.

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