Day of exploring

Published: October 26th 2011
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Thought we would try out breakfast at the pool bar this morning. The pool is just by reception, so we had to climb the stairs first so were ready for some food. It was already about 28 degrees by the time we got there at about 9.30am and the only table in the shade were at the bar, so we sat there and made friends with the barman. It was a very reasonably priced meal freshly cooked. We will be doing this again. A quality unrushed breakfast.

We walked back down the stairs only to find that for some strange reason our key had stopped working. The only office on the complex is at the top, so we had to walk all the way back to the top to get it sorted. Afterwards we decided that that was enough stair climbing for now, and the hotel sent the buggy to bring us back down again.

We walked into the other part of town this morning before it got too hot. Theresa has a mouth ulcer so is in need of a chemist, plus we need some drinks for the room and milk for tea.

We walked the mile to the chemist only to find it closed as it was Sunday. Think we will have to come back tomorrow. We did find a great supermarket though and were able to stock up on all supplies for the week. Got a taxi back to the apartment, and he managed to drop us off right outside this time.

Went to a tour meeting this afternoon where they had lots of tour operators trying to sell their tours. We have decided to do only the Island tour which will go on Tuesday. There is also a coral park that runs free shuttle transportation on Wednesday so we will go there too. Other than that it will be a week of rest and sunbathing by the Hotel pool.

Had dinner at the complex tonight. We are really surprised how reasonably priced all the meals are. If we wanted to, we would not need to leave the complex, but that it not how we do it. We like to eat in the local restaurants and explore.


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