If you tie-dye a t-shirt, it doesn't look as dirty

Published: October 13th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Yet another action packed week has gone by. I can't tell you how quickly this semester is going. My break is next week... NEXT WEEK. Who knew this would be half way over soooo soon? I hope time slows down but I fear it will only speed up.

Well, monday aka yesterday, we went lionfish hunting!!! Lionfish, for those who don't know, are an invasive species that hail from the indo-pacific region. They were most likely dumped by americans who had them in their aquariums but realized that they're venomous and will eat basically anything so they plop them in the ocean. BAD! They basically can live anywhere, have no predators, reproduce constantly, and will eat anything and everything all day long. They're a problem because they're eating important commercial fish like Nassau Grouper ( Epinephelus striatus). So, they have these huge spines that stick out (its really quite pretty) that will hurt like hell if you touch them. We go out in large groups with nets and try and catch them. They usually hide and the students can't hunt the lions because we need certain licenses/ its a safety hazard. But we did catch about 12 and they're apparently delicious.

Saturday was one world day aka cultural day on the island. We all got shirts that have the TCI flag and motto on them. A few of the students put together this fabulous hip-hop routine and performed it in the street infront of a bar. It was glorious, except you couldn't hear the music. However, they all have much bigger balls than I. Props.

This Friday we're going camping on long beach, thats where I saw the turtle nests. I'm hoping it will be perfect timing and we'll see the eggs hatch!!!! But... that's unlikely.

Art class at the primary school this week was actually social studies where the children copied down poorly written sentences. It was a learning experience, however I now know that the national bird is the brown pelican and the national plant is the turks head cactus. It was fun though, the kids are so happy to have us in class and they really make it worth while. I love walking down the street and having them stop me just to give me a hug. Infact, when I go on rugby runs with Chase there are two little boys that we see everynight who try and race us. They perk me back up after the agony that running in this humidity puts me through.


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