Just the two of us.

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So Kerry and I were a little lonely now that we were alone and a lot exhausted, so being unable to leave we headed back to our hotel that we had already checked out of. We spent the morning napping on the beach, figuring we'd spend just a little more time with the pretty beach and pool since we didn't know what our next locale would hold.

When we gathered the energy, and realized we werepretty much the only people at the hotel since checkout for everyone is apparently friday, we decided to head on.

We made it to Buccoo, about 20 minutes from where we were previously staying and apparently pronounced Boo-koo, something I wasn't able to grasp the whole time. We got a room at a guesthouse here, and it had everything we needed, but was much more basic than our pretty hotel that had spoiled us for the first part of the week. It was a little odd to be there the first night, because nobody was around and literally nothing was going on. We were on a bay, but there was no good beach nearby so we decided to book a tour to keep us
Englishman's BayEnglishman's BayEnglishman's Bay

all of the different Bays kind of blend together, so who knows if this is actually the right one. But it is gorgeous none the less.
busy on Saturday. So with no TV, a/c or much of anything to do, Kerry and I had lots of quality time reading, sweating and missing the hot tubs, I mean Heidi and Colleen.

Saturday we got up and got started on our own little personal tour of the leeward, or northern side of the island. It was a little odd to be the only people just being driven around by the guide having him ask every 5 minutes if we liked the soca music he was playing on repeat for all 8 hours, but we did get to do what we wanted.

So by the end of the day we'd seen practically all of Tobago. We stopped at lots of look out points and tons of pretty beaches, swam in another small waterfall, had a delicious lunch of roti that made up for our last experience and took a rainforest hike.

The rainforest hike was my favorite part; it was so neat to be in the rainforest! Apparently the rainforest in Tobago is the oldest protected one in the Western Hemisphere (I've yet to confirm this...I think it's true, but then again our guide also told us Harrison Ford, whom he said was a famous American golfer, lived on a golf course near our guesthouse. The verdict is still out on that one.) A lot of the old growth of the forest got destroyed in the one big hurricane to ever hit Tobago which was in the 1960s, so apparently it used to be even more impressive. It started raining as soon as we got in there, which we thought was pretty cool, but our guide was not happy about his hair getting wet. It also scared away all the birds and brought out tons of crabs! Who knew there were crabs in the rainforest?

On the way home from our tour we stopped and pulled the ultimate college student move, actually this was the second time...but having few food options we bought two packs of raman (that expired 9 months ago...) and 4 potatoes. Thus, Kerry and I ate dinner for 75 cents each.

At the end of the day I had such a big bug bite on my ankle, that for a while I thought I'd sprained it. We both pretended to read, but fell asleep ridiculously early.

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one of the crabs!one of the crabs!
one of the crabs!

Kerry was an unwilling participant in this picture.
Kerry and the random cat.Kerry and the random cat.
Kerry and the random cat.

We didn't know if she was stray or not, but apparently we were staying in her house...so she never really left our side. Turns out she was pregnant and gets fed plenty, she's just a mooch.

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