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Some of the craft and souvenir shops that you see on the islands are the same that you see anywhere. You have the typical jewelry, the T-shirts with numerous funny and not so funny sayings, handmade dolls and all of the other items you expect in a gift shop in any tourist town. The nice thing is that we have also seen many unique items – either due to the materials used or the skills involved.... Read Full Entry

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Warning to Bar PatronsWarning to Bar Patrons
Warning to Bar Patrons

Seen on the side of a bar in Port Elizabeth, Bequia
New York BarNew York Bar
New York Bar

We thought we were in Bequia but the sign says different
Killing them with chainsaws?Killing them with chainsaws?
Killing them with chainsaws?

An interesting way to kill the chickens is portrayed on this sign
Penthouse?  Penthouse?

It didn't fit the look of a penthouse to us
de Green Galleryde Green Gallery
de Green Gallery

The sign of the obvious
Is Bequia a city?Is Bequia a city?
Is Bequia a city?

We ate a great local lunch here. Didn't realize that it was also in London, NY and Paris - quite an accomplishment
Save the EnvironmentSave the Environment
Save the Environment

Nice to see this being encouraged
What does this mean?What does this mean?
What does this mean?

As I worked in Entomology at Cornell the bughouse caught my eye, but nothing else made sense - do you understand??
A new look for pizza hutA new look for pizza hut
A new look for pizza hut

We like the new look for Pizza Hut - getting away from their traditional red perhaps?

18th June 2011

Ithaca news
Your blog is bringing back fond memories. Hope to see you in Ithaca. I think it will stop raining soon and be safe. Sherry & Lee
27th March 2016

What Is it ?
The fruit shown under this caption is called " Custard Apple ".Nearby Mumbai,Maharashtra, there are lot of gardens of this fruit. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blogs.I find them informative and very positive.
27th March 2016

thank you
Thank you Bharat for the comment and glad that you are enjoying the blog. It was nice of you to comment on one of our older entries as it brought back memories of our travels from previous years!

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