Mayreau - In the Grenadines January 4 - 9, 2012

Published: January 13th 2012
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Mayreau (pronounced My Row) is the smallest of the inhabited Grenadines as it is only 1 ½ square miles in area and has a population of about 300 residents. We moved here from Union Island which wasn’t a large jump, but it felt like a world away. We had an enjoyable sail which was nice after having been at anchor for some time at Frigate Island. What should have been only a 2 hour move turned... Read Full Entry

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Is it from outer space?Is it from outer space?
Is it from outer space?

It is hard to show but the large catamaran had quite the lighting scheme on in the evenings. From a distance it almost looked like an UFO had landed as it even had blue light lighting up all of the water around the boat in the evenings.
Windward side of islandWindward side of island
Windward side of island

The beach on the windward side of the island looking toward the Tobago Cays.

Many of the cacti we saw were covered with bromeliads in “giant” sizes.
A sunriseA sunrise
A sunrise

It sometimes is hard to catch a good sunrise, but think I was able to pull it off this time. Hope you enjoy it Sharon!

“Roots” sold us a very fresh red snapper and thankfully cleaned and filleted it as well. We had a great dinner that night and still had enough to put in the freezer.

The orange glowing ball sinking down at the end of Union Island.
Cruising By Cruising By
Cruising By

We are getting a chance to see quite a variety of ships while in the Grenadines. Unfortunately we couldn’t see any name on this one so can’t look up any details on it. She was very impressive.
Work is never doneWork is never done
Work is never done

Days we wait for weather gives us some time to work on finishing the teak – it is an unending project on a boat.
High on a HillHigh on a Hill
High on a Hill

The only village on Mayreau is located quite high on the hill. The street going up to it is straight up so everyone must have good leg muscles here. It reminded me of climbing the hill at Cornell! The view from there is worth the climb.
Another NeighborAnother Neighbor
Another Neighbor

You never know what might pull in behind you in an anchorage. We looked this one up and found you can charter the Mon Plaisir for only $356,188 per week. What a deal as it is 153 feet long and can accommodate 10 people!
Lots of Crops HereLots of Crops Here
Lots of Crops Here

The volcanic soil is very good for the crops. We saw this field of corn stalks, but also lots of pigeon peas, sorrel and okra growing as well. They have quite a climb to bring the produce up to the village.

15th January 2012

The pictures and history are always enjoyable. Thanks for providing a trip away from home without the expense!!

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