DAY 16, Wed, Aug 13

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Good morning from beautiful Bequia.

I know what you are thinking "day 16"? Yes, that's right. I've been informed that I had two day 11's. So recounting makes this day 16. I have to admit the days are beginning to run together. Everyday in paradise makes it hard to find something new to report.

Today I get to go back on the "Friendship Rose". This time to Mustique. Mustique is the home of the super rich and famous. People like Mick Jagger and Tommy Hilfiger have their vacation homes there.

On board today are three other people from Sunday's sail. Before making the crossing to Mustique I get my first look at the Eastern side of Bequia from the sea. Not many boats anchored here. Most choose the leeward side of the island and the safety of Port Elizabeth.

Arriving at Mustique, we anchor just off shore from Basil's Bar. Basil's is famous throughout the Caribbean for being home to the annual Mustique Blues Festival. They host famous blues artists from around the world.

Even though Mustique is only a few miles across the Caribbean from Bequia, it's like we sailed into a different world. Mustique is the Beverly Hills of the Caribbean. We first walk through a tiny shopping village that's as clean as a Disney park.

Mustique is dominated by luxury villas. All the villa guests drive around in 4wd golf carts with the villa's name imprinted on the hood of the cart. It looks like a status thing. Everyone knows you're staying at so-and-so exclusive lux villa.

This is nothing like Bequia. I notice that all the golf-cart drivers are the fabulously rich and attractive white people. And everyone driving the service vehicles are local blacks. I get a definite feeling of the "serving and being served" distinction.

Regardless of that everyone is nice and friendly. I feel out of place a bit. Occasionally being mistaken for one of the wealthy whites.

I walk by a beautiful little school house with a manicured play ground. All you educators should send your resume' here. Then by the airstrip, and to the entrance of the Cotton House Hotel...and private homes. "all through traffic and taxi's stay to the right". I feel more at home staying to the right, so I walk a mile or so past some tall hedge fences that I can tell are sequestering some massive homes. At the entrance gate to one of the Uber-homes I get a glance inside the estate. (see photo). this is the kind of place that has a sprinkler system for the side of the roads.

At the end of the road I find a dirt path to the beach. Walking up I intrude on a 20's something couple kissing on the beach. Yah, Its that kind of beach. I walk a ways down the deserted beach and get a glimpse of the beach side of the Uber-home (see photo)

Back on-board the "Rose" we're served the same great lunch as on Sunday's trip to the Tobago Cays. Almeda is a wonderful cook. I take my dirty dishes down to her in the galley. Boy, is it hot in there. I think its a combination of the six-burner oven and the heat from the ship's diesel engine. Kudos to the cook.

On the trip home we're treated to a slightly younger captain. (I know what you're thinking: "Its so easy a child can do it") Well, I prefer you to still think of it as an exclusive position reserved for only the most talented.

Back home on Bequia I try to watch the Olympics, but the early coverage is only gymnastics and synchronized diving (Boring!) Sorry if I offend any lovers of those sports. Some of the divers need a little more coverage in the back. I definitely saw some cracks peeking out the tops of their suits. Come on guys.

Another day in paradise.
Yah, mon,

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Young CaptainYoung Captain
Young Captain

Don't get to thinking that just anyone can do this.

15th August 2008

I think that's Tommy Hilfiger's house! Nice photo of the back.

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