Big Zo and Zo Jr in Puerto Rico Day 1

Published: June 21st 2017
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Let me me start off by saying yes it's been wayyyy too long, was worried if my account was still active. I've been slacking on this blog, I'm never gonna get Anthony Bourdain's job at this rate. Well let me focus and talk about my trip so far, cause day 1 turned out to be a big waste of time trying to get a rental car but I will get there in a minute.

So what am I doing in Puerto Rico? Remember that kid I took to NYC a few years ago well he's all grown up and graduated high school now, going to the University of the Incarnate Word, my alma mater to run track, so this is graduation/Fathers Day trip, yes just us two guys. We leaving out of Houston of course, 10:30 flight not too early but we scheduled to land in San Juan at 4pm still enough time to see a few things after we land. We got to the airport at 8:30, prechecked in the day before and bags checked early so that was a breeze, Monday's are usually hectic with TSA but got through their quick which was good cause our flight was moved from Terminal E to C, hoppped on the train and we're there. Weather was nice so no delays cause if it drizzles in Houston, they will delay a flight. I was so ready to take a nap on the plane but the lady across from me decided to not let her shade down so the sun was shining in my face the entire flight and her mom, this sweet old lady saw my brown skin and assumed I was Puerto Rican cause she wanted to know what time it was in Puerto Rico before we got there. Ma'am there an hour ahead now let me enjoy this new 2 Chain cause this Trap Music is lit!!!! Okay I didn't say the last part but I did tell her their an hour ahead of Texas, so after almost 4 hours we land in San Juan. Guess what? It's raining, yayyy way to start the day. It's not the little 3pm afternoon shower it's pouring when we land.

I'm thinking this won't last, it'll pass and the sun will come out. So we get off the plane and head down to claim our bags then to the shuttle to pick up the rental, besides the rain, things are still going pretty much to plan. All that changed when we got to the rental car place, I had a reservation so I figured I was just pick up my car then be on my way. If you never been to the Caribbean, they work on island time, which means at their pace and they ate not in a hurry to do anything. Even with a line of tired travelers ready to get to their destination, they only had two people handling reservations and let's just say that line was not moving at a brisk pace. So these two ladies were running around like crazy trying to get people through so I stood in this line about 30 minutes then I finally get to the counter, thankfully they have my reservation on file, I sign some paperwork and then they hand my paperwork to the guy to get my car. It's a line outside waiting on cars, why??? So I walk outside, one lady told me she's been there 3 hours. 3 hours to pick up a rental car, are they putting the cars together? As you remember earlier, it is raining outside but for some reason they are running the cars through the car wash before they took them out to the customers. Besides that genius stragedy they had guys just walking around the parking lot without a care in the world. My flight landed before 4pm so I leave the rental car place at 630, yes all the time almost 2 hours just to pick up a car. It's still raining so we head to the condo, it's luckily not far from where we picked up the car and only about 5 minutes from the airport. We get there and we are starving, ate breakfast and had a snack on the plane so now it's time to find some food, Alonzo stays at the condo and head out. Weare staying in Isla Verde so lots of places to eat are near by, I go to Los Gorditos and order us some chi harmonies de pollo with a side of tostones. That's fried chicken with plantains, in Puerto Rico the called them tostones when they are fried, i don't mean to brag but I am somewhat a plantain expert and before I leave I will have sweet plantains, mufungo and any other way I can find they are made. After a longer than expected travel day, that meal hit the spot and the rain did stop so hopefully day 2 the weather is nice cause we plan on getting out and seeing the island, that's it for Day 1 in Puerto Rico.


21st June 2017

PR Trip
Glad to hear you guys made it there safe and sound. Nice blog, few grammer errors though. LOL Enjoy.

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