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Traveling is a passion of mine, when I was a kid my dad was in the Navy so I moved around a lot so you can say that is where my interest in travel began. Eventually, I joined the Navy myself and was fortunate to see many countries and experience different cultures that really broaden my horizons. Now I've decided to share my travel experiences with others and write this blog.

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como September 10th 2017

Boungiorno, This is our last full day in Italy, this time has flown by but we have really enjoyed spending our anniversary here but time to take advantage of our last 24 hours in this amazing place, we're headed up to Lake Como. That's where the residents of Milan go when they want to get away from the fast paced life of the city and go somewhere to unwind. Milan to Lake Como is about 84 kms which is about 50 miles or about to distance to drive from Sugar Land to the Woodlands in Houston, ok that drive in Houston might not be that far but it's close. Lake Como has been a popular getaway for Italians for hundreds of years, now many people throughout Europe and all over the world come here to unwind, ... read more
Best Pizza I've ever eaten!!!
View of Varenna from the ferry
Another shot of Varenna as we head to Bellagio

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan September 10th 2017

Ciao, As you can see after four days my Italian has improved dramatically, today I got to do some exploring on my own but before I head out to see the city I have to eat breakfast. Today we had enough of the paparazzi at the hotel restaurant so we decided to head down the street to try out one of the local ristorantes for breakfast. We just walked around the corner for breakfast, it was a beautiful morning so we sat outside, the waiter came and asked us what we wanted to drink, we had got water. In Italy they ask if you want still or sparkling water, still is just normal spring water and we got a cup of cappuccino. he got us some bread for the table, after that we ordered and we ... read more
Monumental Cemetery
Tombs in the cemetery
More tombs

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence September 8th 2017

Buonogirno, Today we're getting out of Milan and going to spend the day in Florence but first we have to fuel our bodies with some breakfast. The hotel offers breakfast so we don't have to leave the hotel to eat, one thing about breakfast at the hotel their is a family we have seen the last two days down there who are very interested in me and my wife. The first day the husband couldn't stop staring at me, every time I looked up he was looking at me, then the wife and the daughter, yesterday my wife said she didn't notice them staring, maybe they found out I wasn't famous footballer and we're disappointed, that's me trying to be optimistic about why they were staring at us. We're done with breakfast now it's time to ... read more
Statue of David
Cattedrale di Santa Maria deal Fiore
Campanile di Giotto

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan September 7th 2017

Buonogiorno Our first day in Milan was pretty quiet so today we're gonna get out and see some sights. My wonderful wife who knows that I love the beautiful game, so she agreed to visit San Siro Stadium with me, that's the home of AC Milan and Inter Milan, the two professional football clubs located here. The hotel isn't located far from Milano Centrale, the main train station in the city which is a good thing but the train station is massive and incredibly busy. You have the metro train that goes through the city as well as trains that go all over Italy, so once we figured out where to buy metro tickets and what metro line we needed to catch we were on our way. Milan is not as big as Paris so the ... read more
In the locker room
The Duomo
Wifey in from of the Duomo

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan September 7th 2017

Greetings everyone, It's me again, I told you I needed to travel more so I can get Anthony Bourdain's job, well me and the Mrs decided to go to Italy. Ok the real reason is that it's our 10th wedding anniversary and we decided to visit Italy to celebrate. This trip was clouded with doubt the last few weeks, we live in Texas and Hurricane Harvey made landfall about 30 miles north of Corpus Christi where we live, but luckily we made it through safe and without any damage to our home. Harvey wasn't done the storm went north and rained on Houston for days causing catastrophic floods throughout the city. Guess where we're flying out of to head to Italy? That's right Bush International Airport in Houston, TX so after days of monitoring the damage ... read more
Santuario San Camillo de Lellis
Milano Centrale Train Station
Milan streets at night

You spend days, weeks, months and sometimes years planning a vacation then like that it's over. Today is that day for me and Alonzo, our last day to enjoy in Puerto Rico, so we're heading to Viejo San Juan or Old San Juan which it is more commonly known as. Puerto Rico has amazing food, beaches, people, so much culture to soak up but when I visit a place I like to learn about the history. So on this day we will learn about the history of Old San Juan which is the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico. Today is just like every other day we've been in Puerto Rico I head down to the street to Espana to get us some breakfast and you know Alonzo is still sleep, so I get breakfast and come ... read more
Tower at San Felipe
Me and Alonzo
Old San Juan

Yes I did quote a Lil Wayne verse for the title of this blog, you should hear me rap it on karaoke. That's a story for another time but today me and Alonzo are heading to the island of Culebra. Culebra is a small island east of Puerto Rico, you can either fly over there or catch the ferry from Fajardo Ferry Terminal. The first ferry leaves at 9am heading to Culebra, so that means we have to get my up early since it's about a hour drive from Isla Verde. I'm up early to get breakfast, I warned Alonzo the day before they we have to get up which he wasn't happy about. I walked down the street to pick up some food, I got us some chicken empanadas and juice before our adventure begins. ... read more
Flamenco Beach view from the water
Coconut tree shade
Iguana on the beach

Hello everyone it's me again with another day in Puerto Rico. Today me and Alonzo are heading to the El Yunque Rain forest, it's the only rain forest in the United States Forest System, it's located in northeast Puerto Rico. One of the good things about the island is that you can drive from end to end in maybe 2-3 hours, but Isla Verde to the El Yunque is only about 30 minutes. When I wake up today the sun is out so the day is already off to a better start than the day before. Of course Alonzo is still sleep cause that's what an 18 year old does when they dont have school. I walk over the freeway and I'm at Isla Verde beach, it's a beautiful day, people are out walking the beach, ... read more
View from the tower
Alonzo at the La Mina Waterfall

Let me me start off by saying yes it's been wayyyy too long, was worried if my account was still active. I've been slacking on this blog, I'm never gonna get Anthony Bourdain's job at this rate. Well let me focus and talk about my trip so far, cause day 1 turned out to be a big waste of time trying to get a rental car but I will get there in a minute. So what am I doing in Puerto Rico? Remember that kid I took to NYC a few years ago well he's all grown up and graduated high school now, going to the University of the Incarnate Word, my alma mater to run track, so this is graduation/Fathers Day trip, yes just us two guys. We leaving out of Houston of course, 10:30 ... read more

The second day of our east coast adventure took us to Pennsylvania to visit Villanova University, as a Tar Heel fan it was hard to bring myself to go out there after UNC lost to Villanova in the National Championship but I have to do what's best for my kid, that's what I tell myself over and over and over. The tour at the university isn't scheduled until 2pm so we have some time to sight see the city of Brotherly Love, luckily for us the day we go to Philly is the same day as the NBA Draft and the Sixers have the first pick in the draft. Philly sports talk radio is very entertaining but today it was Bourne Identity entertaining, yes I love Jason Bourne movies, who doesn't? Okay let me get back ... read more

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