Ocean Gypsy back at sea....

Published: June 9th 2011
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back to sea......back to sea......back to sea......

We left Florida enroute to Panama Canal
Life is crazy. As mundane as any life can become, that life can also change just as quickly. It can become altered, wildly different than before or ever imagined. 5 years ago if someone sat in front of me and told me what my next five years would entail; I would have never believed them. There are people like me, people like us, of whom I consider few among many that dream forever and those dreams naturally shape our lifeline in ways we had only envisioned.

I grew up in a family that taught me no goal or dream is too big, an innocence I hope to never lose but often times find my faith in that ideology to be tested. Can I mold my own lifeline to mirror my dreams or does society and normality tend to take over? This blog is my voyage through those lessons in hopes I find the answer.

I am 26 year old. My life is good and most would verge on anything but average. As I go on I find myself teetering between loving life and being completely lost, sometimes both at the same time. I question my life on an hourly basis. Who am I? What mark will I leave on this planet? How do I want my life to unfold? What is the purpose? Is there a purpose?

4 years ago I found myself wanting to run away. I needed to soul search and I wanted to do it away from the normality of what existed in my small-town surroundings. As this blog unfolds so will the last 4 years - in short, I work as a crew member on a private yacht. The lessons, questions and exploration have unfolded due to the vast travel that my job allows. This blog will explore my travels in conjunction with the emotions that unveil themselves along the way.

I start this blog on my newest adventure. I just joined a new yacht. Our 3 year itinerary will take me from South Florida, through the Panama Canal, onwards to the Galapagos heading for Tahiti, nearing New Zealand and from there only the wind knows...... I invite my readers to enjoy my travel stories, pictures and adventures. Hope it ignites the fire inside to travel yourself or allows for your own experiences to guide my future. If my sense of "lost" is never found, I openly accept the insight of my readers. Maybe you will learn more about me than I will know myself.

And so I start my first blog 3 days at sea, 2.5 days from Panama Canal, 16.59.032 N & 081.16.370 W...... let’s set the sails to the wind and see where we end up................


28th June 2011

Love the blog!
This is such an awesome idea:) I cant wait for you to write more... Remember (The Secret!!) life is happening now! There is no destination, its a continuing journey, and your purpose is here and now:) Enjoy where you are and every minute for just what it is, soak it up...you will look back on your "journey" and appreciate where your path guided you, and where you ended up as a result. I love you huge! You are such an amazing person! Keep doing what your doin Manders:)
28th June 2011

Glad to hear your adventures
Amanda, so excited to follow your blog and live life on the boat through it. Parts of my really miss it, most doesn't. So, I bought a small skiff and keep it in a marina with big yachts-it's my happy place! Wine on my little skiff would be even better with you sitting and smiling on the bow. Guess I won't see you at the wedding,,,,:{ ...I'll subscribed so keep the stories coming..xxxx
3rd August 2011

Thank YOU
Thank you Andrea. Thanks for reading, caring and being there when I need you :) Your comments mean so much......
6th October 2011

I just came accross your blog and it seems soooo interesting!! I'd really like to follow your adventure! I hope you do not Mind!!! Happy and safe Travels! Greg
10th October 2011

Thank You!
Thank you Greg! I am happy to hear you enjoy the adventure and welcome you to follow! Enjoy :)

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