Panama Canal transit

Published: February 20th 2019
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Today’s blog, day 16 will be added to as we go because else it takes hours to upload photos etc.

We’ve been through the americas bridge and now just got through miraflores lock. Photos and videos so far.

Now we are in Pedro Miguel lock.

It’s 9:35 here 14:35 in uk

10:10 am and we are through Pedro Miguel lock on way to centennial bridge.

10:20 we are now passed under centennial bridge . Photos added xx

11:15 passed through the cut and on our way to gatun lock.

The cut was beautiful, you could clearly see were the land has literally been cut away by man. It’s crocodile infested waters too!

Just passed the huge crane called Herman the German.

12:10 - we are in Gatun lake- still headed toward the Gatun lock.

This is beautiful here, the canal has opened into a lovely lake.

New photos added - keep checking back Gary Christine

13:45- heading into Gatun Lock now.

14:00 - video added of the Olivia cargo ship in the right lock as we enter alongside her.

14:10- another video of the Olivia in the lock next to us. It shows really well the water being held back by the incredible gates. They are over 100 years old and are feat of engineering.

14:15- tug of war on the lock bank.... no kidding!! Go on the righties!! Video added lol. Never expected an actual tug of war match to watch as we transited the canal!

14:50- getting ready to exit Gatun lock - added some photos the height difference!!

15:38- exiting Gatun lock now.

15:50 - passed the new bridge which isn’t yet fully constructed- now on our way toward the Cristobal breakwater and then out to the Caribbean Sea 🌊


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