Bocas del Toro Day 2

Published: May 15th 2011
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**Don't forget to look at all the pics on the bottom of the blog! 😊

Had breakfast (open egg sandwich aka Tesoro Club) & of course a lot of espresso. Matty gives us freebies daily, like samples, today was the passionfruit smoothie & Wow! I now am in love with Passionfruit!

We made a quesadilla with cheese & green onion for the Goonies walk.

Went on Goonies walk. Turned off the trail early (we learned later) & walked on tide pools. There was a lot of time spent shell collecting. Lots & lots. Cloud cover but really hot. Swam in most amazing beautiful bay on the way back. Walked in flips, probably not best idea. Our feets were really really tired upon our return to Tesoro Escondido.

Made it back to hotel, hot, dehydrated & starving. Had delicious smoothie (passionfruit, mango, banana, ice). Drank tons of water, showered, relaxed. We were gone for over 4 hours on our walk. Wow! Back at 4pm. Matty said we didn't make it to La Piscina so we don't get any Goonies names. We're pretty disappointed actually.

Made a rum & coke & looked at all our shells.

Only two sets of footprints.Only two sets of footprints.Only two sets of footprints.

We had the beach all to ourselves.
to dinner. We talked with German/French couple & Ak couple. Best Shepherds pie ever for dinner! Talked with German/French couple about diving in Coiba & drank some wine with them. I like these communal dinners. It's fun to be forced to talk with everyone. Matty said he likes to watch everyone from the kitchen, the sometimes awkward conversations & the often newfound friends being made. Pretty nice idea.

Off to bed in our cozy room.

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There were hundreds of these not so little guys swimming in a small creek.
At the end of the trail this is what we found.At the end of the trail this is what we found.
At the end of the trail this is what we found.

A beautiful beach and all these neat tidepools full of fish, crabs & other critters.
The sight of our picnic...The sight of our picnic...
The sight of our picnic...

... & the finest shell collecting of the trip.
Today's picnic lunch.Today's picnic lunch.
Today's picnic lunch.

Cheese quesadillas with green onions, avacado & salsa verde. Yum!
Playa BluffPlaya Bluff
Playa Bluff

One of our favorite beaches in Central America and it was only a 5 minute walk from the hotel.
Playa BluffPlaya Bluff
Playa Bluff

It really did strech as far as we could see.
After a much needed shower!After a much needed shower!
After a much needed shower!

We sat and examined our new shells.

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