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Published: January 17th 2017
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I did not mention it in my blog from el Tunco, but the reason I came to León, is because I was offered a job. The shuttle agency "Gekko Explorer" has an office in el Tunco. After they closed the bar, I went to look for another job and walked into that office as well. They came back to me a few days later, telling me there was no job for me at the office, but that the owners had a hostel (Blue Hat Hostel) in León where I could work for them. This meant a free place to stay and maybe even a small salary. Because they also own the shuttle service, I traveled for free.

At the moment I'm working at the bar they just opened. I´m pretty much responsible of it, so there is no stress. It's more like a bar for the hostel guests, so it isn't super busy either.
They also told me about a new project they are working on, where I could help them out as well. They want to open a new hostel, but it still has to be fixed and furnished. I'm already glad I don't have to worry too much about money so any kind of job is fine for me 😊

Another thing I'm working on is getting a Canadian Visa. In el Tunco I met a Dutch girl who lives in Canada for 4 years, while working 6 months a year on a train. It's called Rocky Mountaineer. I already applied for the Visa while I was in el Tunco and I already got an invitation. All that is missing now are a few documents. The girl (Kelly) reccomended me and they already have my CV, so now I just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best!
If I go, it will be probably in March. If I get it, it would be a great way to earn some money and get back on track once the season finished.

Meanwhile I will have some fun at León. Gekko offers, except for shuttles and a hostel, also tours. They told me I can enjoy there services anytime I want. I already went volcano boarding and on my day off I am going to visit my friends in el Tunco.

Volcano boarding was fun! they brought us to the foot of the volcano, where we walked up with our boards and a bag with the protection you need when sliding down. Before sliding down, our guide showed us around the crater and told us about the other volcanoes we saw from it. We had a great view from the top and because it is a very young volcano, there is no vegetation, just black sand and stones. a little bit like the volcanoes in Lanzarote. The volcano next to Cerro Negro (the volcano we were on), was old and super green. You could see exactly where the lava had flown. This might be boring for some, but I thought it looked pretty amazing.

The family (the owners of Gekko) is from el Salvador. If you noticed in the post of el Salvador, their tradicional food is pupusas. One day, Natali showed us how to make them. It was fun and I hope they have the ingredients in the Netherlands, so I can make it for my family once I visit them. It's pretty easy and super delicious. You do need a lot of patience to make them though.

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