Leon, Nicaragua

Published: December 28th 2008
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Arrived in Leon, still sickly but after 2 days my body was able to hold on to some solids and liquids which so I got in on the free beer and cockfighting on the afternoon of our arrival. Cocks fight whenever they are put together so owners cut off the left foot nail that they use to hurt eachother. For cockfighting, they put a small blade on the birds and let them go at it. It just looks like a lot of flapping around until the white feathers turn red and the owners start sucking blood from their faces so that they can breathe. We were told that only 1 in 10 fights end in the bird dying, but 3 out of the 5 bouts ended in a kill.

Leon is the liberal city of Nica that was always at loggerheads with the more conservative Granada. The capital Managua was born due to being midway between these two cities to keep both happy. Nice colonial place and I didnt do much but walk around, play pool and watch TV in the hostel. I made the mistake of getting involved in a poker based drinking game suggested by a Finn which ended in me having to drink around a half a litre of vodka due to severe bad luck. Maybe it was what my stomach needed to kick start my system again after food poisoning.

Headed to Granada with 2 American guys.

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Fire hydrant was originally from Alabama
Monday morning drinking holeMonday morning drinking hole
Monday morning drinking hole

This place used to be a private aristocratic club where the brutal dictator Somoza was assasinated by a poet dressed as a waiter. Now it is pretty bare and functions as a crappy late night bar with plastic chairs in the courtyard.

28th December 2008

Cock fighting
Cock fighting= so sad and mean. Totally disgusting.

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