La vida en Leon

Published: March 2nd 2007
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A collection of photos from our week in Leon!
We really enjoyed the city, with a lively student vibe and without hordes of tourists.

Additional photos below
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restaurant run aroundrestaurant run around
restaurant run around

our first evening in Leon. After a big meal, Yacu asolutely must run around. Good thing this restaurant has ample floor space!
hold that belly!hold that belly!
hold that belly!

"nah, I could could keep on eating!"
lion overheadlion overhead
lion overhead

leon is a very rasta town--the lion of zion is everywhere, if you are looking for it!
urban jungle urban jungle
urban jungle

our hospedaje "La clinica" in Leon
through the barsthrough the bars
through the bars

i'm not mental, get me out of here
watermelon and coconut breakfastwatermelon and coconut breakfast
watermelon and coconut breakfast

our typical breakfast is a tasty combination of market fruits-- papaya, coconut, watermelon, pineapple, madarins, bananas, or melon. Then we find a shady spot to enjoy, like this corner of Parque Dario in Leon
breakfast at la clinicabreakfast at la clinica
breakfast at la clinica

this morning it was papaya, coconut and banana
street vendorsstreet vendors
street vendors

other tasty treats include green mango with salt and chili, salty, sour and juicy!
making quesillosmaking quesillos
making quesillos

a quesillo, a fat-loaded nicaraguan 'snack' is made by taking a steaming thick corn tortilla and wrapping it around an equally thick slab of white cheese, stuffing it in a plastic bag and then spooning in onion chutney and sour cream. that was enough dairy for a few months!
barber shopbarber shop
barber shop

we thought to take a tour of Leon's many churches one Sunday morning, but Yacu had other plans, like spending more than an hour hanging out on the dorrstep of a barber shop. Was she looking at the men in the chairs or the women on the walls?

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