It's hard work, being in paradise

Published: November 13th 2011
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Tiny planeTiny planeTiny plane

dead happy
To get to paradise you need a plane. Having seen the tiny plane we thought we'd be on, we became excited, only to be led to an even smaller one. Our twelve seater felt like sitting in a retro mini-bus in the sky. As we drew nearer paradise the sky darkened and the rain started. Despite this, the views were interesting, the tubulence was interesting, the next part of our journey was interesting...and brilliant.

Saw the little boat we thought we were getting on, got excited, only to be led to an even smaller one. As ever, common sense prevailed as we sat on the boat in the rain for twenty minutes. The weather meant we could see nothing, as did holding a black tarp over our heads as a make-shift roof.

An hour later, soaking wet, exhausted from laughing throughout our high-speed roller coaster ride, we docked in the dark - not onto a dock, but onto a boat filled with rocks. Laden with rucksacks and jelly legs, we weren't at our best.

After seeing the island in the light of day, it wasn't quite the paradise we'd imagined. The aftermath of hurricane season brought torrential rain

sky looked promising
for days, meaning we weren't able to do anything except sit in a damp hut, in hoodies under mosquito nets, trying to dry out our belongings. As we had no electricity and no kitchen time went slowly.

It took us three days to find a kitchen on the one kilometer island. After getting drenched moving hostels, the weather improved. The wind stopped and it was safe to go diving.

For the rest of the week Emily was in her element and got to see dolphins and a huge loggerhead turtle. Lexie had a go, swam with a shark on her first dive. There is no photographic evidence of this.

Naturally, as we left Little Corn Island, the sun came out and the electricity came on. The boatride was tame, as was the plane.
Time to dry out x

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15th November 2011

warming up
so glad I didn't know you were huddled together in a damp hut, not so bad reading about it after the event when you've had some fantastic dives, dried off & warmed up. XXX

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