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The Corn Islands, especially Little Corn Island, is living up to expectations....laid-back, sun, sand, snorkeling, fishing, beachcoming and coconuts. Hotels and hostels pick the best spots on the circumferential beaches: from the high end Yemaya ($300), to the one my travel partner and I chose, Little Corn Beach and Bungalow ($54++), to our favourite that we are at now, the more rudimentary, beachfront Elsa's Place ($30, two bdrm, bath, kitchen access). Sun rises over the sea and beach, snorkeling straight out to the reefs 200m off shore. Coffee and tea brewing in the kitchen. Fishing has been pretty cool; predictably tons of ground fish plus one to three of the more elusive Barracuda, Mackerel or King Fish all within 3 hours. Lots of conch. However, lobster, which comes mainly from Big Corn Island is in over-fished ... read more

The speedboat ride on the open ocean from San Juan del Norte to Bluefields reminds us of our San Blas trip and again the waves were smashing and spine crushing, nonetheless the trip being nothing short from amazing, and all went well. We prefer not to travel by plane. There are several reasons for this. One being that by flying over a (big part of) a country you don’t see or experience anything. Second is the relatively high costs and third is the fact I (Merijn) am carrying with me an extra 18 kg bag with a 140 cm kiteboard and two kites, which is not a problem with boats and busses but a lot more ... read more

This has to be the best winter vacation place l've visited to-date. If it weren't so damn difficult to get to (a non-direct flight into Managua, then small plane via Bluefields to Big Corn Island, finally an up-and-down, bang'n splash, ride through the sea via panga to Small Corn Island) it would be crawling with tourists...... divers, snorkelers, wind surfers, beach combers, bar hoppers, and lots of lazy layabouts... and even some environmentalists. I'm sitting at Casa Iguana (for breakfast & internet) on a headland overlooking much of the eastern shoreline of Small Corn Island; halfway along is Elsa's Place where I'm renting a small cabana. You can walk around about half of the whole island, from bay to bay, all on coral sand shoreline. Walking is a big deal on this isolated isle: like there's ... read more

Happy New Year to all our readers! Here is it, the first venture of Tiffany and Leslie in Central America...and a pretty long trip to reach Little Corn Island, on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua. We left LAX just before midnight on United, direction Houston....3 hours flight, 4 hours transfer, and 3 more hours flight to Managua. In Managua, we transfer to La Costena, the domestic airline for our flight to Corn Island. There is Corn Island, and Little Corn Island. Big Corn is 47 miles out of the coast of Nicaragua....and Little Corn is just few miles of that. Our domestic flight is just 2 hours delayed. I was scared of the extra bags issues...we had the right for 14kg per person...and we were clearly over, traveling with not only diving gears, but skiing gear ... read more
It's lobster time! A meal like this is only 7usd!
Wild beaches...
The end of another relax day...

We arrived on Little Corn shortly before sundown and walked up to our hostel. The restaurant was closed since they'd had a going away party down at the beach for an old employee so we had a quick bite in town and found a great lending library at Tranquilo, one of the major hangouts on the main strip. We grabbed a Mexico travel book and Mockingjay; finally we'd be able to finish a book that we were half done when we left home. Water Sporting The next week and a half was awesome. We didn't have a ton of ways to pass the time but we made alright use of our time there. One of the main things we wanted to do was get a couple more dives under our belts. We ended up doing seven ... read more
Snorkeling Away
Paddleboard Fun
Night Dive: Remoras

With so much sand around it is polite to remove footwear before entering a business. They had a sign at our hotel, some of the bars, even the dive shop we went to. This made for interesting shoe swapping sometimes; once between dives someone took their right sandal and Ashley's left (it was back after lunch), and puppies made off with one of Dan's sandals while we had a coffee and smoothie one afternoon (found only a little ways down the beach). Often people just wouldn't wear shoes. Night Times We hit up bingo on Sunday night at Desideri with proceeds going to the spay & neuter clinic. Dan won a round that earned us a 90 min paddle board rental; something Ashley's been wanting to try. Tuesday was trivia night at Tranquilo where our team ... read more

Since we were leaving from Laguna de Apoyo we wanted to stock up on a couple things in Granada before hitting the road to Little Corn Island (LCI). We took the morning shuttle from the lake and tried to leave our bags at the hostel we stayed at in Granada, but they wouldn't let us. Instead Dan sat outside La Merced with the bags dealing with people asking for money while Ashley went to the store and bank machine. Since we chose the less (but not un-) travelled route over land and water, we stocked up on snacks including a re-realized favourite of bread, cream cheese, and cucumber. From La Merced we walked through the sweltering heat to the Managua bus stop, which we located only on a map and really hoped was still there since ... read more

I now know why so many people visit the Caribbean. We have just spent two weeks on the idyllic Corn Islands which sit just off the eastern coast of Nicaragua. Having been on the road for 3 months our visit to the islands turned out to be quite timely. Travelling certainly beats working but that’s not to say it doesn’t come with its own stresses. Constantly moving from place to place, searching for hostels, looking over your shoulder at bus stations and long arduous journeys on public transport take their toll after a while so a two week break on the islands was the perfect tonic. You can either get to the islands by plane or by boat and although quite a bit more expensive we opted to fly. The boat from Bluefields is never guaranteed ... read more
We managed to make some new friends
Just chilling
Under the sea

Our Arrival The panga drops you off at the docks on the West of the island. Once you get off the boat people from different hostels meet you or there are signs to hostels in the village. Where We Stayed 3 Brothers in the village - $15 for a double room with shared bathroom. 2 kitchens and laundry sink. What We Did Walked around the island. The nicest beach is at the North of the island. Turn right at the school in the village and keep walking. You can walk from there all the way around to the hostels on the East beach. There are some small beaches just South of Casa Iguana which you can visit. Where We Ate The restaurants on the island all sell dinner for about C$200 each so we cooked mostly. ... read more

Part I Wow, we'd not been in Colombia a week and we decided THIS was going to be the place. In 1990 Colombia was one of the worlds most dangerous countries and Medellin, one of its biggest cities, was the most dangerous city in the world. Fast forward 23 years and the country we found ourselves in had changed quite a bit. The people are more than making up for lost time by being far and away the most friendliest we've come across so far, something our Ecuadorian mother Beatriz told us to expect. Also the landscape we've come across up to now has been jaw droppingly immense. Our first stop off was a quiet town called Ipiales about 20mins away from the border of Ecuador and a town that had a cathedral located just about ... read more
Professor Sonja and her football mad son
Stop! Hammock Time

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