A holiday in the mouth of Hell

Published: April 21st 2016
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So my Central American adventure continued, after a fun week in Crica I got on a plane and headed north over the boarder to Nicaragua (I could have just stayed on the rafting river) for the next part of my exciting trip. As a lapsed scientist I decided as I’m taking some time off it might be fun to try and do something a bit scientific again and thus I found myself heading off for two weeks work... Read Full Entry

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The Museum of Legends and Traditions The Museum of Legends and Traditions
The Museum of Legends and Traditions

Based in a former prison, known as 'Prison 21' as it was built in 1921. It was a very odd experience
La GigantonaLa Gigantona
La Gigantona

La Gigantona represents the tall white Spanish woman that came with the conquistadors. El Enano Cabezon is a small dwarfish figure with a big head symbolizing the intelligent mestizo. Meaning: despite the imposition of foreign power by colonisers that the local people are intelligent, capable of developing themselves as individuals as well as their country.
However I've no idea what this legand wasHowever I've no idea what this legand was
However I've no idea what this legand was

But they are a bit creepy looking, I was finding hard to keep a straight face.
And of course this is to do with deathAnd of course this is to do with death
And of course this is to do with death

Suspect it is their version of the Day of the Dead, it made funny noises and lit up, it was the oddest museum I've ever been to..
The Nicaraguan Coat of ArmsThe Nicaraguan Coat of Arms
The Nicaraguan Coat of Arms

'The triangle signifies equality, the rainbow signifies peace and the five volcanoes express the union and brotherhood of all five Central American countries. The phrygian cap symbolizes freedom.' - clearly I've copied and pasted that description
I hope that's not my boatI hope that's not my boat
I hope that's not my boat

Thankfully our trip into the mangroves was in slightly more modern boat
Into the mangrove swampsInto the mangrove swamps
Into the mangrove swamps

Lots of bird watching ahead, I wasn't very good at it
Stop. Hammock time.Stop. Hammock time.
Stop. Hammock time.

We visited the perfect Pacific beach paradise, I wish we could have stayed there, it even had a turtle sanctuary. If you ask nicely I might share the secret location
Volcano go boom!Volcano go boom!
Volcano go boom!

A real life eruption going on as we drove past, how very exciting. The Mighty Momotombo awakes.
Looks to me like a sub-plinian eruption, don't you agree?Looks to me like a sub-plinian eruption, don't you agree?
Looks to me like a sub-plinian eruption, don't you agree?

With a touch of pyroclastic flow on the left hand side (I'm showing off now).
Enjoying the ash cloud spreadingEnjoying the ash cloud spreading
Enjoying the ash cloud spreading

Fortunately the Volcanologists I was with were not worried, so I certainly wasn't going to be.
An hour laterAn hour later
An hour later

And Momotombo was back to its quiet self
The Masaya craft marketThe Masaya craft market
The Masaya craft market

And nice bus, this is where you might visit if you are on a cruise ship tour, some nice stuff though,
The non-tourist market of MasayaThe non-tourist market of Masaya
The non-tourist market of Masaya

It was like a crazy labyrinth in there, take a bag of breadcrumbs with you.

Hit them, go on.
Meanwhile back on MasayaMeanwhile back on Masaya
Meanwhile back on Masaya

It was still hot and dusty as we headed down onto the Nindiri crater between the Santiago and San Pedro craters
Sunset over MasayaSunset over Masaya
Sunset over Masaya

It's still persistently degassing.

22nd April 2016
La Boca del Infierno

Love volcanoes...this pic is hot, hot, hot. Brilliant!!!
24th April 2016

Now this was an adventure. Always good to volunteer and they provided you and education. Wow.
25th April 2016

Mary what a wonderful two weeks that must have been, I have loved reading all about it and your photos were excellent what an adventure you are going to have a hard time to follow this. Look forward to your next trip which mum says is about to begin.

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