A holiday in the mouth of Hell

Published: April 21st 2016
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So my Central American adventure continued, after a fun week in Crica I got on a plane and headed north over the boarder to Nicaragua (I could have just stayed on the rafting river) for the next part of my exciting trip. As a lapsed scientist I decided as I’m taking some time off it might be fun to try and do something a bit scientific again and thus I found myself heading off for two weeks work... Read Full Entry

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Magma at nightMagma at night
Magma at night

People were once thrown in there, I am sure we can all think of someone we might want to throw in...
You can see why they thought it was hellYou can see why they thought it was hell
You can see why they thought it was hell

As the sun went down the volcano's glow became more apparent
What a viewWhat a view
What a view

Everyone peering over the edge staring into the magma below, it was quite hypnotic
It was spectacularIt was spectacular
It was spectacular

I think this must be the place where dragons live
Where am I?Where am I?
Where am I?

To prove actual work was being done, I took many GPS readings with this lovely thing, I bet you are very interested in that.
It's all looking a bit MartianIt's all looking a bit Martian
It's all looking a bit Martian

The Nindiri platform
Pele's HairPele's Hair
Pele's Hair

No, the footballer hadn't been here, but glass strands ejected from the volcano during periods of activity, but be careful when you pick it up, it hurts when it gets stuck in your fingers.
Life on MarsLife on Mars
Life on Mars

Everyone wandering about the Nindiri crater, with a bit of imagination you can imagine you are on another planet
Don't get too close to the edgeDon't get too close to the edge
Don't get too close to the edge

The edge of the Santiago crater looks like it's about to fall in, I didn't want to get too close to the edge
Alien landscapesAlien landscapes
Alien landscapes

With a bit of close up magic, even the smallest rocks look interesting.

22nd April 2016
La Boca del Infierno

Love volcanoes...this pic is hot, hot, hot. Brilliant!!!
24th April 2016

Now this was an adventure. Always good to volunteer and they provided you and education. Wow.
25th April 2016

Mary what a wonderful two weeks that must have been, I have loved reading all about it and your photos were excellent what an adventure you are going to have a hard time to follow this. Look forward to your next trip which mum says is about to begin.

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