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It was dark in the night and I was happily feeding away when George came into our room to wake up daddy. I fell asleep again, but apparently our boat was not where we had anchored it. It had drifted nearly 700m!! Luckily, we hadn't drifted all the way out to sea as our anchor had caught in a crab pot! Armed with head torches and a boat hook, mummy, daddy and George spent over an hour unraveling the lines of the crab pot from the anchor. The unravelling finished just before daybreak ... and we commenced motoring to a nearby bay. Everyone was relieved and resolved to better test the anchor in future. I just let everyone do the work and stayed in bed :) Day 6 (Friday) Martinique The new bay, Anse Dufour, was ... read more
Sunset in Roseau Bay, Dominica
Dinner with David
Daddy and I in Roseau Bay

Arrived on Tuesday after a beautiful sail from St Lucia. Were just going to go to the bottom of the island, but after a fast and lovely sail, decided to continue up to the top. So glad we did. Perfect sailing conditions!! Got buzzed by a helicopter, possibly customs? for the first time ever since leaving Oz. St. Pierre is just a stunning little village. Google the history as it's amazing. Totally destroyed in 1903 by volcano eruption. All died except for one man as he was in his prison cell. Very deep anchorage, but more quiet than down below. Anyway, were only going to stay one night, but will end up here for 3!! Love the cruising lifestyle... read more
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Nous avons quitté Roseau samedi le 17 mars, vers 11h00, après avoir obtenu notre permis de navigation (2 EC). Et oui, il faut un permis pour aller de Roseau à Portsmouth. La navigation le long de la côte est très tranquille; la seule difficulté est de constamment régler les voiles car le vent est très changeant, en force et en amure! Nous jetons l’ancre dans Prince Rupert Bay, en face de Portsmouth, juste à côté de Cappuccino! Joyeuses retrouvailles avec Michèle et Francis. Nous visitons la petite ville, rien à voir avec Roseau… Le dimanche soir, nous apportons notre contribution monétaire à l’Association des Boatboys de l’île; ils organisent une soirée BBQ, tout compris avec punch au Rhum à volonté, pour 25$US/pers. Avant de quitter pour retourner sur la Martinique, nous voulons remplir nos jerricans de ... read more
Je lave enfin les vetements salis lors de la marche au Lac Bouillante
Les capitaines des bateaux francais lors du souper des Boatboys
Dernier regard sur Roseau

Okay, okay I'm not really in St. Pierre, Martinque (YET!) but this blog is pretty cool. I can select the Continent, Country and Region of wherever I am. I can also: *Show you a map of our route (see above) *Tell you how we're feeling = *Give you a general rundown of what we've been up to If you're interested subscribe to get emails whenever we post new things. Don't forget to write us too, we'll miss you... but not enough to spend $16 a minute to call. wink wink. -Jesse ... read more
Where we're going

We set sail at first light and got to St. Pierre on the northern tip of Martinique just before sunset, it was a long day. But now we are here, anchored in St. Pierre harbor at the base of Mt. Pelee- a totally amazing site! We are super excited to explore Martinique and are looking forward to visiting this famous town. St. Pierre has a fascinating and very tragic history. It was once the capital of Martinique and the epi-center of the French West Indies, often called the Paris of the Caribbean, rich in culture, sophistication and the elite plantation society. It was also a major port town and an important stop along the trade routes for both Europe and America, the harbor was often full with large schooners and tall ships. That was until May ... read more
Streets of St. Pierre

Central America Caribbean » Martinique » St. Pierre February 17th 2008

We crossed from St. Pierre to Portsmouth, Dominica. We had 3 to 5 foot waves with a little chop. Winds were 18 to 22 knots. 67 miles! Left at 0700 arrived at 1630. The first time anchoring, rock, or coral, Actually it was coral, but we have to say rock. Up came the anchor, reset it, then put out the Danforth as well, very crowded anchorage. Next morning we re-anchored. Finally only 1 anchor down! ... read more

Imagine: you are stuck in jail for stealing a loaf of bread, in St. Pierre the bustling and busy capital of Martinique. It is the fashionable place for the French to go for their holidays and has been dubbed the Caribbean Riviera or Little Paris. But you get to enjoy none of this as you peer out through the barred window of your cell, looking out towards the harbour which is full of sailing boats loading and unloading cargo. The date is 8th May 1902 and disaster is about to strike! Late in the morning, a terrific rumble comes from the nearby mountain, Mt. Pele and suddenly rock, ash and hot embers start raining down upon the town, sinking the ships, burning buildings and killing the entire population over the course of the day. In the ... read more
St. Pierre
Getting directions on the mountain!

Une petite anecdote concernant l'ascension de la montagne pelée.... Pendant les 3 heures de montée (je rappelle, parfois sous la pluie et les pierres hyperglissantes...) nous avons été suivi par un chien... qui avait apparement ses petites habitudes... Ainsi, alors qu'il commencait vraiment à me faire ch*e... l'odeur de chient mouillé n'étant pas ce que je préfère, il a décidé de prendre un raccourci sur ma gauche... et de faire une pause!!! On a pas su/compris si il était coincé ou si c'était sa niche... mais ca donne une jolie photo souvenir!!!... read more

Je viens de passer 1 semaine en Martinique. L'activité principale était la plongée... Mais la pluie battante sur le bateau et l'eau trouble ont eu raison de ma motivation... J'ai terminé le séjour en échangeant les profondeurs par l'altitude, en gravaissant (les pierres glissantes) du sentier montant à la montagne pelée.... point culminant de l'île!!!... read more

Moikka, Tänään matkattiin Roseaun kaupungin edustalta St. Pierren lahdelle, Martiniquen pohjoispäähän. Matkaa oli n. 20 mpk. Apua! Viimeinen purjehduspäivä lähestyy! Yhyy... Me pysähdyttiin matkalla aamu-uinnille yhteen komeaan poukamaan. Helenaa ei ankkuroitu vaan se pidettiin moottorilla paikoillaan virtaavassa vedessä. Lähes koko miehistö hyppäsi veteen vilvoittelemaan ja peseytymään. Osa roikkui keulan ankkurivaijerissa, osa kellui rentona aalloilla. Kaikilla oli hauskaa! Meillä oli merivahti mukavasti päivällä niin, että ehdin ruoriin vielä ennen viimeistä purjehduspäivää. Helenan ohjaaminen purjeilla ajettaessa tuntuu upealta! Iso alus puskee eteenpäin navakassa tuulessa eikä aluksesta lähde ääntäkään. Tuuli vain vinkuu köysissä ja purjeet suhisevat tuulessa. Tänään emme nähneet delfiinejä. Matka sujui sopivassa sivuvastaisessa mutta maininki oli puolittaa lounaana olevan ... read more

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