Bluefields Beach, Peter Tosh, and Stolen Paradise

Published: June 20th 2015
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So, I think were on our third day in Belmont, Jamaica. Woke up and boiled a pot of fresh Blue Mountain Coffee on our gas stove. Got our morning herbal supplements in order sipped on our coffee and planned our day out. We ended up walking to Bluefields Beach which was suppose to be a little bit up the road, it wasn't. Crystal and I walked about 2-3 miles along this windy road. Cars, motorcycles, buses, taxis, and construction trucks roared down this narrow road way, with us walking along the side. At one point we were walking around a corner and I pulled Crystal back as a HUGE gravel truck blasted and inch from our noses. I looked back to see Crystals eyes as wide as they get and all I could say was the beach is right around the corner. Finally arriving at the Bluefields river we sank ourselves into the cold running waters. Eventually... we ended up at the beach were we met "Ricky" the local hustler, however he had COLD beer. After buying us and Ricky a beer we enjoyed the beach. My only complaint is that there was a wall that we chilled at which divided the locals from the resorts and the land that was stolen from them.


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