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Yesterday was the solstice. In about two weeks Maine will start to lose minutes of daylight, declining over an hour by the end of July, losing almost two hours from peak daylight by the end of August. It's a very quick, steep decline in northern New England, a fast slide from long, easy, warm summer days towards our bitterly cold, snow-filled, very long lasting winters. Here in the Caribbean the daylight doesn't change much with the seasons, and it is no surprise that it is consistently hot in summer. But in Jamaica AC is everywhere, making life much more comfortable, although, as in the US, it is frequently turned on much too cold! I like what I've seen of Jamaica so far, but I am tired of waiting for and riding in city busses. In the ... read more

This is Jamaica man. The home of Bob Marley and a bunch of super cool rasta cats, and it's long been my dream to visit the legendary island in the Caribbean. Part of the appeal for a boy from Oz is the sheer enormity of getting over here from Australia, it's difficult to find a location as exotic or far flung. If an Australian wants to visit the beach, well basically just jump in your car and the majority of the population will be by the sea in a jiffy. Alright then, but if a location more tropical is on the cards South East Asia is also on our doorstep. A visit to Bali, Thailand, and other resort meccas are a short flight from home. So what was it that propelled me to fly for almost ... read more
Wall of Bob Marley museum
Street in Ocho Rios
Another wall picture of Bob Marley

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Kingston January 15th 2014

Wow I cant believe that is has already been two weeks.... I would expect alot to report in those two weeks but 90% of my time has either been on the pool deck preparing the girls for competition this weekend (some of whom didnt even have music chosen to swim to yet!) and the other 10% of my time has been trying to go out with my one jamaican friend or do administrative work for the synchro club.... Here is a nutshell version of a few of my days... The year started off with a bang (and lots of learning): -I drove on the left side of the road for the first time ever (and in a right hand drive vehicle) and didn't crash or die! BONUS! -I met the 'Synchro Stars Jamaica' athletes on January ... read more
Scotchies Jamaican Jerk

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Kingston December 31st 2013

Slept for over 11 hours last night! AMAZING! Even though it was so hot I left the fan on all night (and feel bad for the electricity bill since I know its very expensive here). This morning Karen made me authentic Jamaican coffee which was amazing and soon after breakfast (which thank goodness was 'normal' cereal) I was picked up by Brianna (12 yrs old, and one of my young swimmers), her mom Dianna, and brother Brandon (13yrs). They took me for lunch to a restaurant called Tracks and Records and is Usain Bolt's restaurant, and after to the Bob Marley Museum. The museum was extremely interesting and the two kids had never been so were excited to go. Unfortunately I could not convince the woman at the ticket booth that I was now a resident ... read more
Jamaica Dec 31 2013 (7)
Jamaica Dec 31 2013 (2)

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Kingston December 30th 2013

What was I thinking? - That is the main question running through my head right now as I try to fall asleep. Not because things are bad here, quite the opposite in fact... but just because I never thought too much about what I was getting myself into while I was still in Canada. The main reason for that of course was not wanting to cry everyday about who you are going to miss and how much etc. It has only just hit me that this I have chosen to live in Jamaica for the next 364 days! For those of you who don't know the whole story, here is the 'Coles notes' version: Mid November I decided I would be heading to Jamaica in January to coach a synchronized swimming team... so I left Port ... read more

Jan 30, 2012. I booked a flight from Trinidad to Toronto and my ticket had a stopover in Jamaica. I didn't look carefully but my stopover was actually a layover, which one must avoid at all cost. When I checked in at Piarco airport, the agent said she couldn't find my ticket from Jamaica to Toronto, only the one from Trinidad to Jamaica so I have to get my other boarding pass in Kingston but she said my bags will go to Toronto. I thought, that doesn't sound right, and sure enough, my bags came off the carousel in Kingston. The flight to Jamaica stopped at Barbados briefly which means an extra take off and landing for me. I said that after this trip, I never want to fly again because by then, I had developed ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Kingston August 3rd 2012

Some things just have a way of working out. While we were in South America we made the decision not to go to the USA, despite it being on the original ‘rough itinerary’. However, our itinerary changed and we sailed to Panama. After some investigation, it became clear that we needed to travel through USA to get to Barbados otherwise we would have to ‘retrace our steps’. So it was decided; some fun in Florida first, then a short stopover in Jamaica to enhance our Caribbean experience before arriving in ‘must do’ Barbados. Our Caribbean experience was most definitely enhanced by our visit to Jamaica where we met the happiest and friendliest people on our journey so far – Jamaicans. We arrived very tired from the USA and we were glad of our choice to pay ... read more
Bob Marley coffee
Devon House
Richard and his boys

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Kingston September 17th 2011

I completed the Katimavik program on August 18th and returned home that day. I spent the rest of summer visiting family and friends whom I haven’t seen for 6 months and missed very much. I wanted to get involved in the travel industry so I wanted to find work in a hotel. I worked at a Future Inns Moncton as a housekeeper. The work was not bad, but I really started to get bored of it, and Moncton. So almost every night when I got home I looked for work anywhere but here. I looked everywhere from in Canada to overseas. I came across an ad in a place called Mount Edge, Jamaica. It was located in the Blue Mountains, about 30 minutes away from the capital; Kingston. Ever since I was young I had this ... read more

Arrived Kingston to find no pick up driver; OK, go to Plan B. Contact with accommodation person was greeted with a no answer. Plan C - wing-it with local taxi; all good in the end. Like most Caribbean places, homes/buildings are heavily protected with security grills, steel fencing, razor wire and the like. I have seen no evidence of crime in travels so far but the amount of security guards suggest otherwise. Main attraction was the visit and tour of Bob Marley's place. Tried the roasted peanuts from the street vendors pushing trolley type boilers whistling with steam - very good. Jamaica gets my vote as having the best mangoes; extremely juicy and fleshy. They have a slightly stronger flavor and rival our home grown Bowens. ... read more
Bob Marley's House
Bus Kingston to Ochos Rios
Roasted Peanuts

After 9.5 hours travel from London, we arrived at Norman Manley airport, Kingston, Jamaica. We were picked up by my colleagues T & C, and got our first lessons in what Jamaica is like. A strange fruit was sold just outside the airport terminal, and that was a "jelly" coconut, a not yet fully matured coconut that you enjoy with a straw, and perhaps a knife, if you have somewhere to put the fruit's meat. Some five minutes away from the airport in T's car, we had our second lesson: we got hit from behind! Luckily, us Swedes had our seat belts on and it wasn't at any high speed, so no-one was hurt (but the car itself). Also, the guy who hit the car stayed at the scene, so we were soon at Rockfort Police ... read more
Coconut palm
Devon House
My bed!

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