Published: June 25th 2021
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My first medical missions trip in Honduras.

May 28, 2021 (Friday)

The alarm clock was set for 4:35. Before I retired about 3 weeks ago, my (every other) Tuesday

morning alarm was always set for 4:50. Hey, I've got this. Most everything was packed last night.

There's just a few last minute items to get. We left the house at 5:30.

As Janet dropped me off at the United Airlines entrance, she asked if I had my phone. Oh no, I was

still charging the battery and left it behind. Well, we just won't communicate for 9 days. After checking

in my luggage, I waited 15 minutes and called home. No answer. A few minutes later, I called home

again. Next, I called her cell phone #. She had just returned to the airport... with my telephone! My day

just improved quite a bit.

The plane left Mobile on time at 7 a.m. For whatever reason, we landed in Houston, TX about 40

minutes early. I followed instructions to immediately make my way to Gate E-10. I soon met the four

other Go International team members. We introduced ourselves and chatted as we waited for the flight.

There was rain and dark clouds in Houston. With 20 planes ahead of us, we left 40 minutes late. I

had a window seat and enjoyed viewing the blue water of the Gulf of Mexico. After flying over the

Mexican peninsula, I saw the blue-green waters as we prepared to land. With the time change, I turned

my watch back one hour.

Flying over land again, I saw what seemed like millions of palm trees below. We have landed about

12:30. Hello Central America! Hello Honduras! All our luggage arrived. As we waited to go through

Customs, a video kept playing. It showed before and after photos of the San Pedro Sula airport. It had

suffered extensive flooding damage from two hurricanes from last Fall.

Nine team members had flown in on a separate flight, from Atlanta, GA. And one flies in

Preparing "packets of pills" for the pharmacy.

tonight. Our Honduran coordinator greeted us. Pastor Ivan brought his family and will work with

us this week. The bus is awaiting us and about 30 minutes later we arrive in El Progresso. There is

a stop at the Power Chicken restaurant, where we pick up box lunches.

Our home this week will be the Hotel Casa Blanca. We eat outside, before receiving our room keys.

My roommate is Bob, from the Boston, MA area. This week I will listen about his hospice chaplain

work. I love the courtyard area and there is a swimming pool, too.

There is an introduction meeting after we settle into our rooms. 9 of our 15 teammates are from

Kentucky. Our other six are from the states of CA, TX, AL, OH, IN and MA. And there are nine

Hondurans who will work with us this next week.

For over one hour, eight of us work in the conference room. We're counting tablets of medicine.

With 46 different items on the Pharmacy formulary, different drugs have a different quantity for us to

place into small zip-lock bags. We then affix a pre-printed label on them. That should really help me

tomorrow in my portable pharmacy.

For supper, we agreed upon the local Pizza Hut. There are 3 varieties of pizza... Good eating tonight.

It's been a long day, as I get into bed by 9:30.

May 29, 2021 (Saturday)

Up at 6:15 and I recall this is the birthday of the late Rev. Larry Pullum. He was my best friend

when I was a college student. I'm very pleased that there's hot water in the shower. At 6:50 we started

our daily devotional. We are preparing our hearts to focus on “service to others”. The name of the

restaurant at our hotel is Ara Macao Cafe and Lounge. There are pretty murals of flowers and

butterflies on some walls.

After a hearty breakfast, we drove through the countryside. We could see damage from hurricanes

that struck the area twice last November. There are still hundreds of blue tarps on homes... with the

Samaritan's Purse logo on them. I was surprised to see a few horse drawn carts.

We worked at a school in the community of La Metalica. There were about 120 patients today. And

I usually had one or two assistants... helping me in the pharmacy. As I / we got organized with setting

up, our team leader, Larry, gave me some very good advice. With a sharpie pen, I wrote numbers 1 – 46

on the manufacturers bottles. These matched our formulary. I would also write numbers on large zip-

lock bags, that contained 15-20 smaller bags of tablets. We had probably counted out pills for 200+

bags last night. These bags were arranged on 3 tables and we had them in order from 1-46.

At the front of our classroom was a table with reading glasses. 36 locals were fitted with reading

glasses today. And each one of them was prayed for. That was rather powerful. Lunch was served at

1:00. Hey, could I fill 4 more prescriptions? Why not, I thought. My lunch break at Walmart pharmacy

was always at 1:30. We had choices of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or ham & cheese or turkey

& cheese sandwiches. Our GO President, Ron, had prepared sliced watermelon and large chunks of

pineapple. There were plantain chips and 3 varieties of drinks.

There were Vacation Bible School activities and soccer for dozens of children. Michelle wore

a blue wig and a blue tutu for the VBS. Pastor Ivan's kids, Victoria and Jairo also worked with the

children. There was still work going on after 5:00. Then we “broke down” my pharmacy and placed the

supplies and medicines into boxes and a suitcase. Before leaving, we prayed for our Honduran

patients / friends. Gone by 5:45.

Our bus traveled along gravel roads for most of the trip back to El Progresso. As the sun began to

set, I took photos of palm trees, banana plants (blue bags covered the fruit) and fields of sugar cane,

with mountains in the background.

Supper tonight was at the Asados Tipicos Las Tejas Restaurant. There was PLENTY of chicken,

pork chops, beef, chorizo (a pork sausage), tortillas, salsa and lemonade. I believe all the meats were

grilled. Two teammates were amazed at how much food I could eat. Whew! So good!!

After returning to the hotel, we had a devotional. Everyone had a different story to tell. We spoke of

how we saw God in action today... working through each of us. Looking forward to tomorrow.

May 30, 2021 (Sunday)

Up at 6:00 and we went down near the courtyard for our 6:50 devotional. Our minds are ready and

open to serve the community of San Jose... in any way we can. Breakfast was ready at 7:30. We passed

a 20 foot tall bird cage. There were six macaws inside. They were gorgeous! The typical Honduran

breakfast had two pancakes, scrambled eggs, one sausage link, hash browns and fruit juice. “Good

morning, sunshine” I said to Dr. Natalie. I loved her reply. “No sunshine until I get my coffee”. I

see that some folks are not blessed with Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement and Exuberance like me...

so early in the morning. Our day starts with hearing roosters, pigeons, macaws, owls and a few

varieties of songbirds.

We load onto the bus and drive northwesterly today. We continue to see massive devastation from

the two hurricanes from last November. There is still debris in the rafters of this community center

building we worked in today, including small limbs and palm tree branches. Water must have been at

least 12 feet high here in San Jose.

The heat was rather oppressive. Sam tried working on the electrical box. Lots of dried mud inside it.

Not much success. The local folks lent us fans for our work site today. Fortunately, they worked in

the large room. My pharmacy was located in the kitchen. And there was no electricity in there. I opened

the jaloused windows, but not much of a breeze out there today. I had 3 teammates come assist me at

times in my pharmacy. I always appreciate that.

There were boxed lunches brought in for us today about 12:30. Our GO President, Ron, had sliced

watermelon and fresh pineapple for us. The cantaloupe was just not ripe enough. We enjoyed fried

chicken, Spanish rice and potato salad.

Back in my pharmacy, Bob brought in a thermometer. It measured a room temperature of 102.6.

Yep, we were sweating in there today. A thundershower rolled in and it got kinda dark in the kitchen /

pharmacy area. Sam brought me a head-light, so I could see my medicines. Sam was my roommate on

a Peru trip... 4 years ago. 61 people received reading glasses. And everyone of these people was prayed for.

And we treated about 120 patients. We touched many lives today. And

A daily devotional.
we passed several of these

people as they walked to their local church for a 6:00 service.

Arriving back in town, half of us went to Burger King for hamburgers. The other half walked across

a street to KFC. I took the burger route tonight. Then all of us went to Baskin-Robbins. Seems like for

simplicity, we each got 2 scoops of ice cream. I chose cheesecake and chocolate-chip, with whipped

cream and a cherry. Yum, that was a treat.

Another satisfying devotional session this evening. I had decided to pray for each of my patients, as

I filled their prescriptions. I felt a warm and peaceful heart, when I did this. Back in the room, I catch

up on the diary... and I'm in bed about 10:30.

May 31, 2021 (Monday)

It's Memorial Day back in the U.S.A. And we have had so many blessings bestowed upon us. We're

up a little late today... at 6:15. The morning devotional was at 6:50 again. It really helps us to focus on

our upcoming day. How will we serve the community today?

We walk past the beautiful macaws going to breakfast. I had set a little goal of having a photo of

me and each of the other teammates. That would be a nice memory to look back on. I had 3 more

photos taken this morning, as we awaited our juice and plates of food. It's now time to load the bus

with the large Coleman cooler of water, a couple of tote boxes and one suitcase that has the medicine.

Just outside of town, we stop for gasoline and swap 12 large 5-gallon empty bottles of water for full

bottles of water. And we're on our way again.

In a little while we arrive in the community called 22nd of June. Not sure how it got that name. It

might be related to Honduran history. Our clinic site today is the local church. The pharmacy set-up

was so very different than yesterday. That is

A group prayer before leaving each clinic.
when we used the kitchen countertop. Today, two pews

are used to spread out 46 bags and/or bottles of medicines. Hey, let's be flexible.

Before we had finished setting up the medical clinic, several of the church ladies brought us each a

plate of corn chips with bean dip and queso. And then we started our third day of work. We did not shut

down today for lunch. We split off, 4 at a time to go into a small room. Boxed lunches provided two

pieces of grilled chicken, rice and potato salad. Also, Ron had prepared fresh fruit: pineapple, straw-

berries and MANGOES (my favorite)!

A few church pews were taken outside. A blue tarp was stretched over them for the local patients to

await their turns. The sun was mighty hot today. My room-mate, Bob, was playing his ukuelele. He was

entertaining a few children. The outside restroom had a little surprise. There was no roof. Adjacent to it

was a “sour orange” tree. This fruit is used to marinate meat. It also used to make marmalade.

Around 5:00 we were preparing to leave. We gathered in a circle to pray for the pastor and local

community. We were then led to “lay hands on” the pastor and his wife. Our group prayed fervently

and passionately for several minutes. It was powerful!

We arrived back at our hotel at 5:45. This gave me about 20 minutes to go visit the swimming pool.

Four adults were in their chairs, playing a board game. A 6 year old girl was the only one in the water.

I swam several laps. But when I stopped, the child came over to me and REALLY wanted me to play

with her “my little pony”. That was a little awkward. I swam another four laps and then that little pony

was perched upon my shoulder. Ah, the innocence of youth.

Our bus left at 6:30 for the Mall Megaplaza. We passed by a ferris wheel on our way to the Food

Court. There were only three places that were still open. Instead of Wendy's or Burger King, I think we

got our dinner from the El Banquette. They served typical Honduran food. I had a huge pork-chop,

steamed cauliflower, carrots zucchini, salsa, tortillas and a banana flavored drink. A few of our ladies

bought some vanilla ice cream. And one shared hers with me.

During the devotional, Hershey chocolates were passed around. Yes, our day started with some

chaos this morning at the clinic. But it ended so well. I'm blessed to be on this team of 24. There is

such unity; such love; such a passion for serving others! Normally, we have a translator, usually Allen.

But when Pastor Ivan prayed, he prayed his heart out... in Spanish. I did not understand what he said,

but I knew the Holy Spirit did and that whatever obstacles would come our way, we would be able to

handle it.

There's a small room close to the lobby. I explored and was intrigued by the cork board with a

heading of: They Were Here. It looks like there were about 100 photos of missionary teams that have

stayed here at the Hotel Casa Blanca in the past. Back in my room, for the first time, I was able to

phone my wife. In bed by 10:30.

June 1, 2021 (Tuesday)

Up a little earlier today, at 5:50. And we had our devotional at 6:50. Then on to another wonderful

breakfast. As we prepared to load onto the bus, we heard a booming, crashing sound. There was a

motorbike accident right in front of our hotel. Hitting head on, the motorbike AND rider were thrown

over the car. Wow, traffic kept going and someone pulled the motorbike out of the road. Within two

minutes, we had both GO physicians and a nurse there attending to him. I kicked glass, plastic and

motorbike parts out of the road, while the man was getting assistance. He lost part of his finger, arm

was scraped and pants were ripped. He was going on to the local hospital. He was in the right place at

the wrong time... for five minutes later our bus would have been gone.

The fourth clinic site today is a church in Suyapa. There were several dozen folks waiting on us.

There was a short prayer before we went to work. I had two large tables in the corner of the church.

Three chairs were nearby and was the official waiting and counseling area. Everything seemed to flow

smoothly this morning. I could still see palm tree branch debris up in the rafters, 20 feet high. They told

us that during the worst of the hurricane flooding, there were SEVENTY (70) people on the church

roof, waiting to be rescued by boats. I could only imagine.

Boxed lunches today included chicken, rice, veggies, tortillas and a can of pepsi cola. We had pine-

apple and mangoes for dessert. I saw Bob playing his ukulele again, entertaining a little fellow. Debbie


Several churches served as work clinic sites.

was my pharmacy technician again today. I think she's doing a very good job. After VBS, there were

lots of kids in the church / clinic site wearing headbands. The message spelled out “I am Special”.

Now, Bob is playing his ukulele to the pharmacy patients, as I'm preparing their medicine bags.

There were over 100 patients at our clinic again today. As we walked through the door, out to the

waiting bus, a young girl came running to me with outstretched arms. She wanted a hug. Sure... and I

had a teammate take my picture. Well, two more girls came over for their photo. Okay. Now a 4th little

girl wanted to be in the picture, too. Goodness, 3 pictures of 1, then 3, then 4 children. I'll remember

that for a long time.

Back in El Progresso, we drive straight to the Tejas restaurant. Once again, plenty of chicken, pork

chops, beef, chorizo and tortillas. And a large glass of lemonade. Then, we made our only stop of the

trip at a supermarket, La Colonia. Some bought several bags of coffee, while others bought plenty of

vanilla extract. I got a few small items. And I was pleased to receive Honduran currency and change.

I will surely add that to my foreign collection of money.

After the devotional, there was enough time for another 20 minute dip in the pool. Very nice and

relaxing! And I'm in bed by 10:30.

June 2, 2021 (Wednesday)

We're up at 6 and the devotional starts at 6:50. The Bible verses today were from Ephesians 3:16-19.

The key word seemed to be “strength”. We plan on finishing strong... on our 5th and final clinic day. At

7:30 we gather for breakfast. Most of us get the typical Honduran breakfast of eggs, sausage link, hash

browns, pancakes and coffee. I prefer the fruit juice. There's such a relaxed atmosphere, chatting with

new friends.

At 8:30 we are on the bus and leaving town. We pass a pickup truck that is loaded down with more

bananas than I've ever seen. Today we're working in a community called Field Two (Campus Dos). It

seems like another unusual name to me. The people there are warm and welcoming as we shall be in a

church building today. And I have three tables so I can spread out the pharmacy. It seemed to be a very,

very smooth operation today. Dr. Larry was in a separate room; treating at-risk patients who might have

Covid symptoms. Dr. Natalie and Steve, the P.A., were stationed close to me.

When patients brought there prescriptions over, I would point them to the nearby chairs. When a

second prescription was brought up, Debbie did a great job helping out. We usually had a Spanish

translator, to assist in the counseling. But, when none of the team was there for me, I went over and sat

by them, called their name and counseled them myself. I would read the directions in Spanish and if

there was something extra, I would add that too. I learned several Spanish phrases for this trip. Such as:

for cough, for pain, with food, with water, may cause drowsiness and no alcohol. And I believe that my

Spanish pronunciation has improved this past week, too.

Like yesterday, we did not shut down for lunch. We went and ate in shifts. I had a ham-and-cheese

sandwich, banana chips, Sprite and butter cookies. Our lady doctor, and her translator, Rosa, were at a

table closest to me. When she was finished with the exam, Dr. Natalie offered to pray for every one of

her patients. I was so touched by her gesture... And that is why we are here this week.

I was able to get a photo with me and Elena, when she came by the pharmacy. Our last patient came

through a little after 4 p.m. The pharmacy was packed into totes and a suitcase for the last time. All this

medicine will be donated to a medical clinic in the El Progresso area. So it will continue doing good

work, long after we're gone. This community suffered much during the two hurricanes. We gathered

around Pastor Armando and prayed for his community. We were then led to lay hands on him and his

wife and prayed passionately. Wow... what a feeling!

We arrived back at the hotel at 5:05. I was able to go down to the swimming pool for 40 minutes.

And there were two teammates out there too: Steve and Ron. What a wonderfully relaxing way to

cool off after another hot day.

A special treat tonight is a visit to the La Parrilla Restaurant. We were told that the water had been

filtered, so that is was safe. First came a salad, then soup. I ordered the breaded white fish and a

lemonade. A wonderful meal. And there was coconut flan for dessert. This has absolutely been the

best meal of the week.

During the devotional this evening, we all took turns saying what our “I will” statement was. And

what our favorite thing was today. I recalled that as I saw a teammate praying for their patient, it was

easy for me to join them in prayer (at a distance of course). When we all had our turn, we were led to

have hands-on prayer for one of our team-mates. He has had some health issues this week. There is so

much love in the room this evening. The Holy Spirit has really moved among us this week. It is so

powerful. I'm in bed by 11:00.

June 3, 2021 (Thursday)

The alarm is set for 6:30 and breakfast is scheduled for 7:30. However, before 5 a.m. I had some

serious stomach distress. I just did not feel safe eating a big breakfast. So, I just drank a glass of orange

juice and had a banana.

At the devotional this morning, we started with reading a few Bible verses. We were then asked to

interpret what had just been read.

new friends!
Then, we split into groups of 3 or 4. It's time for our “I will” state-

ment. And what will each of us focus on today.

Around 9:00, a medical worker came and administered the covid nasal swab test to each of us. Dr.

Larry should receive the test results tonight. At least four others had severe stomach issues and could

not travel with us today. These four folks stayed at the hotel.

While waiting to climb upon the bus, I noticed a Tamarind tree at the hotel entrance. I have drunk

Tamarind juice many times. Well, this is our scheduled FUN day, away from the clinics. There was a 90

minute drive through the countryside. There were many miles of “living fences” along our route. Not

surprised when it started to rain upon us. As we approached the town of Tela, we saw several produce

stands. There were two kinds of fruit which are not native to the U.S.A.. One was the rambutan. There

seem to be hundreds of soft spikes on these fruits. The other was a maracuya. We shared one of these a

few days ago. Also known as passion fruit, it has quite a sour taste.

A few of our leaders went inside to check out the restaurant. We will eat lunch first, at the La Casa

del Chef. I think I'm the only one who did not eat lunch. I did drink a Lipton tea. I'm still not hungry.

And from our inside table, we could all see the Caribbean Sea.

When lunch was over, 19 of us strolled along the beach. For a beautiful day, full of sunshine, I was

surprised to see so few people at the beach. After the two hurricanes, I thought a ton more debris would

have been removed by now. And there was a lot of plain litter on the beach... so sad. With off-white

colored sand, lots of palm trees, blue waters and islands in the near distance, this place has the potential

to be a big tourist draw. Maybe one day it will be.

Todd told us about a table with homemade souvenirs. And I found a pearly white bracelet for Janet.

A mariachi band entertained some of the beach goers. This has been very relaxing, after five full days

at the clinic work-sites.

Arriving back at our hotel, we all decided on no restaurant food tonight. Around 7:00 most of us got

back upon the bus and we made a return trip to Baskin-Robbins. Tonight, my two scoops of ice cream

were vanilla and strawberry. Hey, there is a soccer game on the television sets. It is Honduras vs. the

U.S.A. In the 88th minute the United States scored on a double header goal and finally won it, 1-0. Yes,

there were chants of U.S.A., U.S.A.!!!

My visit to the pool a little later was a very short trip. After 10 minutes, the water was too cold for

my liking. I'm very tired after such a long day. As I get into bed about 8:45, I check my Facebook page.

I have 3 new friends from Honduras.

June 4, 2021 (Friday)

Bob's gentle alarm clock went off at 5:50. We kinda slept through it. Then he tells me it's 6:30. Gotta

be quick for the devotional is in 20 minutes. I was asked to read from John 15: 1-17. It is the story of

the vine and the branches.

I decided just to have a banana and orange juice again for breakfast. I'm still trying to protect my

stomach. It turns out that four of our team-mates were too sick to make the ride to Suyapa this morning.

This was the site of our day-4 clinic.

We arrived at the church building around 9:00. There were 20 minutes of good music to get you in

the mood to worship, as we were preparing for our time here. Todd had chosen 3 volunteers last night.

So, Marianne, Cheryl and I will be participating in a skit. Tape was placed on the floor which would

represent a river. There was a small island and 5 stepping stones. A stranger tried to teach me the way

to successfully reach each stepping stone, so I could make it to the other side. It was an interesting

exercise... as we rely on others... as we journey through this life.

There were around 40 people there today for this Discipleship training. This included all five of the

pastors, from our five clinic sites. Several times the congregation was split up into four large groups.

A question or two was asked and this hands on approach to discipleship produced maybe 10 ideas from

each group.

I had some trail mix a little earlier, but I was glad to see boxed lunches again. I was able to eat two

pieces of chicken and all the steamed veggies. Along with a coca-cola, dessert today was pineapple,

watermelon and cantaloupe. My stomach issues are finally fading away.

Two Hondurans volunteered to participate in an exercise in discipleship.

Tela, Honduras.
Michelle led this. It is

essentially meeting with a small group of friends for maybe an hour. Try it once a week. By making

disciples of these people, they are being trained to go out, and in return, make more disciples. As this

skit / exercise went along... something was happening. One volunteer, Stephen, became a born-again

Christian. Very heart warming... and so powerful... to see the Holy Spirit at work here today. On these

mission trips, a goal is to finish strong. Hallelujah! It happened here today.

We return to El Progresso and at 6:15 we go back to the Tejas restaurant. I have chicken and beef

tonight, with lemonade. We met another American missionary team, as about 15 of them were at a table

behind us. They had just arrived in town today.

All of us were at our final devotional tonight. We each took turns with our “I will” statements. We

were referred to as the Go International A-Team!!! I like that. Several of us got a little emotional and

that certainly was expected. It seems like everyone of the 850 patients we saw this week had numerous

teammates praying for them. With me filling a zip-lock bag of worm tablets to be given to most of the

children, and giving that to Dr. Larry each morning, he was able to hand out a few hundred of these

tablets. And a final tally of prescriptions for the week was estimated to be 1200+. And it's difficult to

get an exact number, but it looks like between 25 and 35 new Christians on this trip!

If there had been more time, I would have probably gone back to the pool. But with having to pack

tonight, I stayed in my room instead. Our time here is almost over. In bed about 11:20.

June 5, 2021 (Saturday)

I heard the roosters at 5 a.m. then got up at 6:30. Our final GO group photo was taken at 7:20. I was

wearing my best smile! Once again, I just have a banana and a glass of orange juice at the breakfast

table. There are lots of good-bye hugs from our Honduran friends. Steve will stay here a few more

days. For he will be visiting with friends; then flying back on Monday.

In about 20 short minutes, we are at the San Pedro Sula airport. 5 of us will fly to Houston first. And

9 will fly to Atlanta. Checking in at the United Airlines desk went smoothly. A short time later, I saw 3

folks for the Atlanta flight. As I got closer, I saw my roommate, Bob, was in a wheelchair. He had

been dealing with dehydration for a few days... and had passed out and fallen. Wow... this was a tough

trip for us, health wise. But I would not have missed it for the world!!!

I found a souvenir magnet and a few bags of candies. My favorite was leches caramels. I handed a

few caramels to several of my teammates. I noticed a 2 year old in a stroller... waving his hands. He

wanted some candy also! I asked his mom and she was okay with it. So, I handed his mom a caramel.

The little fellow then flashed me the biggest smile.

We flew out at 12:40 and arrived in Houston at 4:45 CDT. I've commented about myself several

times that I am “such a tourist”. Of course I would take a picture at the airport of the “Welcome to

Texas” sign. Well, I did not receive the friendly, southern Texas welcome that I was expecting. A

TSA agent had to check my camera for my last several photos. I won't be doing that again.

After picking up my suitcase, I again handed it over to a United Airlines agent. Going through

Customs was pretty easy. I noticed about 30 people with matching brown tee-shirts. On the front was:

BMDMI. I had to ask one of their college aged folks about it. She said it represented Baptist Medical

and Dental Missions International. Her missions team

Discipleship training.
had also been in Honduras this past week. I then

came across a sign: “Houston - The Culinary and Cultural Capital of the South”.

There is plenty of time to rest as my flight to Mobile does not leave until 8:20. I wave good-bye to

Dr. Larry as I start to board my plane. We're in the air at 8:40 and land at 9:50. Very happy to see

Janet... and my luggage too. Arrive at home about 10:30 p.m. And I'm already wondering where, and

when, my next missions trip will be. Life is good!

Additional photos below
Photos: 35, Displayed: 35



850 patients were treated... 1000+ prescriptions... 30 new Christians!

Tot: 0.341s; Tpl: 0.027s; cc: 9; qc: 44; dbt: 0.0113s; 1; m:saturn w:www (; sld: 1; ; mem: 1.5mb