Birds, Bandits, and old Bricks - Copan, Honduras

Published: December 7th 2006
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Friendly ParrotFriendly ParrotFriendly Parrot

Macaw Mountain Bird Park
Our initial plan for Honduras was certainly more than it turned out to be.

We blitzed the journey from the border North in order to go to the Bay Islands - tropical paradises with amazing and cheap diving, only to realise that the weather was terrible and there is nothing worse than being on a sandy island in the rain!

So instead we went straight to Copan, a famous site of Mayan Ruins. We were slightly delayed in the morning of our second day as we had to get a police report for the things that were stolen from Sallys rucksack on the bus the night before. The cheeky buggars took her sandals and flip flops, fleece, ski jacket and also strangely her bikini bottoms and contact lenses! Never mind, we were not harmed and we have heard plenty of worse stories! ( Also it gives me the excuse to go shopping,wee hee!)

We arrived in Copan, a pleasant little town with the ruins right next door. It was completely different from everywhere else we had passed through in Honduras. Lots of tourists, more expensive prices and also clean!

We only spent two days here as time is running out. The ruins are pretty amazing considering there age but without a guide it is difficult to work out what is what! We found the parrots at the gate the most interesting part.

After the ruins we headed to a bird sanctuary which was fun. All kinds of rescued birds including the ones we have pictures of and also some owls and hawks too - they were too far back in their cages for a good picture!

So as you can see we are no experts on Honduras and hope to come back one day to go to the Bay Islands for some diving and also to explore a little more!

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Scarlet MacawScarlet Macaw
Scarlet Macaw

Honduras's National Bird

Macaw Mountain Bird Park


9th December 2006

I cant believe someone stole your stuff! How rude. Where are you guys going to be for xmas?
14th December 2006

Loving the birdies and very jealous of your tan Sal!! How very very dare they rob your stuff and the scooter break down - good job you are strong and stuff Nicky!! Have a wonderful last couple of weeks and see you over Christmas, love Kate xxx

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