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September 15th 2006
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Me and Richard, my dive buddyMe and Richard, my dive buddyMe and Richard, my dive buddy

Having our celebratory beer after returning from our final dive for certification. We made it!!!!
So my folks and Uncle have taken to reading about my time in Honduras on my friend Sarahs blog, seeing as how I seem to be quite the slacker when it comes to this. Really, you should check it out, at least for the pictures, especially those from the folkloric festival, she's got some great ones. www.travelblog/bloggers/swillett
As an early new years resloution I have decided to get better at writing my blog, in order to do so I must get past this giant hurdle and write about Utila, a trip I took way back in September!! This way I can finally write about things that are more recently happening.
So this will be quick as I have already tried to write this 2 times and lost it, getting a little frustrated. Utila rocked! Spent 5 days underwater and though there was a time when I thought I might not be able to be a diver, when one of our tasks was to fill our masks up with water and then push it out I freaked out, think it has something to do with the fact that I wear contacts. Dom, my instructor got me through it and I was able
Colorado License plateColorado License plateColorado License plate

Saw this in the first resturant we ate at... Coloradoans are everywhere!!
to complete all the necessary tasks to become a certifed diver!! I now understand what all these fellow travelers I've met were talking about when they would go off about diving. I now feel like I am part of an elite club.. those that breath underwater and see amazing, amazing things! Including turtles!!!! I cannot wait to dive again though I am not sure when that will be as Chirstmas is full of visitors!! Yea Fred and folks!! Cannot wait.

Believe it or not, Honduras is cold... not sure the temperature but this entire past week I have been living in a borrowed hoodie and jeans, even socks and runners. It is that cold. Who knew this is how the tropics could be?? Mom is bringing some warm clothes when she comes though I worry they may not be necessary by then. Thanksgiving came and went, with little hoopla, though I tried. It didn't help that we thought until Weds. that we were having to travel on Friday to Costa Rica to renew our 90 days... guess the school has decided it's a good idea to get us visas! Gee why didn't I think of that!?!?! Chris, Jenna and
Dominios on the streetDominios on the streetDominios on the street

Everyday on my way to the dive shop these guys were out morning, noon and nite playing... getting quite angry with each other too
I made a Thanksgiving dinner which consisted of veggie lasagna, mashed potatoes and green beans... es lo que hay I suppose. It was nothing that compared to the 2 Thanksgivings I hosted in Chile nor those I would spend in the States were I there. We of course followed the dinner with drinks at Morgans bar... it was nice all of us together though. I have a student who hopefully is saving me some pumpkin pie!! I'll be happy with that.
We finished a partial (or quarter as we usually say) And I have taken the liberty of changing a lot for the next quarter. Basically this whole quarter will be all ESL, getting their language up to par before we actually start writing. It is giving my way fewer head aches this way.
Well, I think that catches you up... quickly, I know but now hopefully when I sit down to write my next one I will actually do it. Would Really,really, really love to hear from each and every one of you.... it's quite simple to leave me a little comment at the end, I think even my folks could figure it out. So, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry
The Dive ShopThe Dive ShopThe Dive Shop

Home for 5 days
Chirstmas as it is coming up soon. Love you, un beso, Kari

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Sunset from the dive shopSunset from the dive shop
Sunset from the dive shop

After a few dives we return to the top deck with a few beers and watch the sunset... really, can life get much better?
Sarah and meSarah and me
Sarah and me

Hanging on the roof of the boat in between dives
Me and RichardMe and Richard
Me and Richard

Hanging on the roof of the boat between dives
The deckThe deck
The deck

The pier to the deck of the dive shop where beers were drank and sunsets seen
Fire dancerFire dancer
Fire dancer

At the bar one nite
The bathroomThe bathroom
The bathroom

Inside the bathroom at the most amazing bar restruant ever, Treetanic
Tree tanicTree tanic
Tree tanic

this whole place is decorated like this, it is a playground for adults with different little alcloves and hidden nooks to be everywhere!
Chris and I Chris and I
Chris and I

At Coco Locos

26th November 2006

great blog
Kari it was great and great pictures you do need to write more often Mom
26th November 2006

Lucky Lady
You look great!! I want to be by the water... Diving thats great. I miss you!!
27th November 2006

See I knew mom could figure it out. Well done
29th November 2006

My Blog es muy mehor
lol... love that your fam reads my blog... all the updates along with all the drama of my love life (or lack there of) JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

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