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December 9th 2006
Published: December 11th 2006
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Mole Saint NicolasMole Saint NicolasMole Saint Nicolas

We are passengers aboard this small fishing vessel, being oared to land by the locals.
Mole St-Nicolas:
We sailed into this very picturesque village just after 2:30 pm Friday, to a gracious welcome by the villagers along the shore line. It felt as if we where Christopher Columbus ourselves!! What a feeling to arrive in a small, very secluded place were very few come visit. Some of the local fishermen came to us offering their catches of fish, lobster and conch. We exchanged a handful of Gourdes (local Haitian currency) for 10 lobsters, which calculated too around 15 dollars US. After which we went to shore, by way of their local wooden fishing boat, oared by young villagers, and were guided through out this small, yet historical village. What a shock for us,,. Ann & I have never really been to a third world country like this, no electricity, no refrigeration with only a hand full of vehicles. During the night, we could only see maybe 3 or 4 houses with lights on (powered by generators), one being the local doctor, somewhat of notoriety. The villagers live off the sea, they have no TV, Grocery stores, McDonalds, you name it.. They grown their own fruit, breed their own chickens and goats and dry their fish for
Mole Saint NicolasMole Saint NicolasMole Saint Nicolas

Locals came to greet us upon our arrival.
future consumption. Their homes are merely shelters from the rain, no glass in the windows and often no doors.
With this being said, they are still a very happy people. You hear them singing in the streets and always presenting themselves in a polite and courteous manner. Bonjours… Bonsoir monsieur et madame… Bienvenue a vous…. Smiles from ear to ear..

During our visit onshore we were shown all attractions including the new church, the remaining ruins of Christopher Columbus’ fortresses and buildings, their picturesque beaches and roamed through the streets. We were even shown the anchor of the Santa Maria, which is housed in the local magistrate’s office. A large part of history hidden in a treasure of beautiful landscapes….somewhat forgotten by the rest of the world.

If we didn’t know better, we would have sworn we were in Africa. A happy and sad feeling couple in one.

We are very privileged to view this of our very own eyes.

Tomorrow we will set sail for Montrouis Haiti, which is +/- 90 nautical miles south west from here, we should arrive there by late afternoon.

Annie & Eric

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Quite the welcome once on land. These villagers were very hospitable and quite taken to see newcomers arrive by sea. They don't have visitors often!!!

One of the unbelievable beaches here. Truly a postcard type photo.
Christopher ColumbusChristopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus

One of the remaining ruins of Christopher Columbus buildings.
Village from aboardVillage from aboard
Village from aboard

This is the view we had from where we were anchored
Village from aboardVillage from aboard
Village from aboard

This is the view we had from where we were anchored
Village from aboardVillage from aboard
Village from aboard

This is the view we had from where we were anchored
Village from aboardVillage from aboard
Village from aboard

This is the view we had from where we were anchored
Village from aboardVillage from aboard
Village from aboard

This is the view we had from where we were anchored
Village from aboardVillage from aboard
Village from aboard

This is the view we had from where we were anchored
Village streetsVillage streets
Village streets

View of one streets of Saint Nicolas Haiti

Villagers cleaning local breadfruit, this fruit has large seeds inside which you boil for two hours. You can mix this with fish or chicken, does not taste like bread!! but more like chestnuts!

11th December 2006

No mc Do and no subway..!!!!!!.So, if i understand, there are great business to do , like a new subway store???? no, forget it..... thank you pour demistifier ce pays. serge
11th December 2006

Mole St. Nicolas
Words fail me as I sit here with electricity, food in the fridge and the IGA down the road. Our life seems so easy BUT then again no one is going down my road singing and wishing me a good day. What an adventure you are having. I love reading your journal and the photographs are first class. Look forward to the next installment. Take care of each other. Luv Mary and Sid
11th December 2006

Mole St. Nicholas
Wow ..... what wonderful photos and a super description. I felt I was really there with you!! It makes me feel very humble to think these villagers have so little and I so much in comparison .... and just think I complain and grumble ..... and they so friendly and happy to see you (we've gone wrong somewhere I think!!). Love xxxxxx
11th December 2006

Your photos are all so inspiring! Certainly not everyone's mental image of Haiti. Fair winds Annie and Eric
11th December 2006

What an absolutely beautiful, unspoiled area. Sad in a way I am sure but ever so simple. And what a greeting you had from the people there. bet they don't get too many visitors. I will check in again on your travels. Please be safe. Terri
12th December 2006

un p'ti tour au soleil....
bon, ben vous êtes rendus ... petite traversée rapide c'est ça un cata... Éric pourrait-tu nous parler des modalités (douanes, cruising permit ... procédures ect ) pour la rép d'Haiti... nous aussi on aurait envie d'y aller... Mange pas trop de langoustes c'est péché.... bebai vous 2 a +
26th January 2007

Thank you
I travel through the beautifu Grand Anse of Haiti. You have inspired me to try to create a positive Blog like yours.
2nd February 2007

i basically live in mole!
so while i was randomly googling random things i googled mole because we take four mission trips there a year. we work with pastor kenan a very well respected man in that area. it was amazing to see those photos, i was like omg i swim in that bay and thats the market, and the boat they rowed you in is one i jump off of when i swim, mole is my second home i love it. and it was just amazing to see someone else going to haiti. by the way you over paid for your lobster! we were just there in nov..i could go on all day bout how much i love haiti but ill let you go....well i hope you enjoyed visiting my home away from home since i was ten(im 16).later tonya
4th February 2008

A diifferent view
Thanks for bringing out this wonderful view of Haiti... Any one can bring the bad side, the political turmoil, the misery and so on... Happy sailing Enjoy the Haiti Carnival 2008
19th February 2009

i a, absolutely bewildered by the two of you being so brave and looking at this couintry with such unbiased eyes and also bewildered because i actually l ive in this blessed country and had no idea that there was so much history there, not because i am ignorant by choice but because noone here ever publicizes the good things worth mentioning . so godspeed and i'll be watching you throughout your journey.
25th February 2009

2nd July 2009

what kind subtance somebody can find in the st-nicola region,cause i read a lot of comment of this mountain,so i need to know,please,.
16th August 2009

such a beautiful dat everybody have to on ur vacation
29th October 2009

why the america want to take that montain
why the america want to take the montain of saint nicola
21st November 2009

Mole saint nicolas
Mwen vle paticipe merci
24th December 2009

I'm from Mole st Nicolas I learned Computers. Working in my home town. I would like every body to do the same. I was the Computer's manager in Cprotech, the professional school in Mole st Nicolas. I passed two years teaching computers like: Network, computer repairs and Web mastering. Congratulation to you Mr. Ing. Cezar Lazard. my phon is : 3744-1036.
21st February 2010

It shall not take long for me Rabel to coming home in my native land Haiti
The tree get naked in winter and dress up in the summer so let the rain knows that is the only friend i've got! and let the sun knows that i'll grow up to be strong again! and let the grownd knows that it been supported me from the begining and for that my roots will be faithful to her! and eversince the first breath of the wind hit my body i came to be alive so cut me and i will grow back to fertilized the mother earth - HAITI-
22nd April 2010

c' est la vie
I just want to say thank you so much for sharing these pictures,it mean alot to me. because not only i am a moloisbut atlease someone is showing the world the beauty side of my country.(HAITI CHERIE) THANKS.
17th January 2011
Village from aboard

15th April 2011

Love Haiti
Hello! You have taken some great pics. I have been to Haiti three times now and have a business there with my Fiance' he is Haitian and lives in Haiti. I will be traveling again to Haiti soon to visit Mole Saint Nicolas as a new venture we are looking into. Some one said that the media always talks about the bad but never the good it's true. When I traveled to Haiti, I really didn't know what to expect but I loved it from the moment I got off the plane. I cried for two days not wanting to come back to the United States but I had to come back to reality and stress. Every time I go I am so stressed free it's amazing the difference and everyone here notices that difference in me. I will be returning to this beautiful country soon and eventually I will be living there. So thanks for the pics, gentleman told me once Haiti is a place either you love it or you hate it there is no in between and he as right. People need to see for themselves and make their own decision regarding this country of Haiti. God speed!!!!!!!!!

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