Thank You To Everyone Who Has Already Responded To My Plea....

Published: January 27th 2010
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I am surprised and delighted at the numbers of you who have already expressed an interest in making a donation towards whatever it is I can do for the victims of the January 12th Haitian earthquake. I have set up an Pay Pal account in my name, Suzi Lee, and in two days it should be ready for activation.

Some of you have mentioned making a donation and having your work place match that amount. What a fantastic idea! Since I never really went the conventional 9-5 big corporation route, I haven't had to deal much with that way of giving. Corporate charitable gift matching sounds like a perfect way to get the ball rolling......

If you would like to make a donation to Hands On and have your company or business price-match, you can go to the website at to make that contribution. HODR is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.

I just wanted to say thank you once again for such prompt enthusiasm. In time, when I have a moment to think about the nature and scope of what I am about to embark on, I shall figure out some way for the money to be allocated. Right now, it just needs to come in. :-)

Just found the following on line:

TOLL: Latest official death toll stands at 112,250 with 194,000 people injured
EFFECT: 800,000 to 1 million people need temporary shelter
CHILDREN: 300,000 people younger than 2 need nutritional support
DOLLARS: $1.12 billion in international aid pledges made;

$783 million received as of Tuesday
134: Estimated number of people rescued by international search teams since the quake
9 million: Population of Haiti
3 million: Estimated number of people affected by the quake
1 million: Estimated number of displaced people
800,000 to 1 million: People who need temporary shelter
235,000: People who have left Port-au-Prince using free transportation provided by the government. The number who left by private means is undetermined.
At least 50: Aftershocks of magnitude 4.5 or higher that have hit Haiti since the January 12 quake

Sad. Tragic. Devastating. Heartbreaking.

Let's see what we and the help of our loved ones can do to help.

The people of Haiti need us all right now.



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