Setting the Stage

Published: June 26th 2017
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Clusters of white clouds float past my window as if someone's shaved off the frothy tops of hundreds of thousands of individual root beer floats. Or perhaps we are slowly approaching a new planet that's been overtaken by a mob of cotton candy. This visual makes me laugh quietly to myself as I imagine an army of cotton candy faces charging at us--their swords in hand. As our plane gets nearer and we appear larger and more threatening, they call for backup--a fleet of unicorns with candy-colored hair. With a new journey upon me, I'm embracing a whimsical sense of adventure and imagination!

It's been three years since I've last traveled on my own and since I've shared my experiences with an audience. Three years ago I set off on a solo adventure to explore Spain, Portugal and Morocco with the goal of emotional growth and healing. Today I set out on a new journey to explore a new set of unknown places. My journey begins in Guatemala and will continue on to Belize and I'll spend my final days in Mexico before returning home to the States. This time I'm seeking a balance of relaxation and wild adventure sprinkled with a hint of self discovery.


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