Caves, Bats and Water Falls

Published: February 19th 2012
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View from our roomView from our roomView from our room

Lanquin, Guatemala, a jungle town.
Hola amigos!

We made a stop in Lanquin to see some really cool caves. The lights were not functional that day (nor were they functional for the last few months, we reckon), so we relied on our head lamps for light. Slowly, but surely, we clambered over slippery rocks and a couple of dodgy ladders in the total darkness, viewing some amazing rock formations inside. The caves are relatively unexplored and continue for several miles in a maze of caverns and tunnels, although we only made it in a few hundred yards. We waited by the cave entrance until sunset and watched bats fly out of the cave by the thousands. Against the twightlight sky, we could make out their flight patterns of swooping and darting everywhere. Such amazing creatures.

Only a few miles from Lanquin are the spectacular waterfalls and pools of Semuc Champey. To get there, just hop onto the back of a pick up truck and hold on tight, because it's a bumpy ride! A lady got on our truck, her technique was flawless as she held on to the bar with one hand and held on to her baby and purse with the other as
Silhouette TheresaSilhouette TheresaSilhouette Theresa

in Lanquin cave
the 4x4 rocked back and forth on the rocky (not even gravel) road. Meanwhile, we were both grasping bars with both hands, legs, spread eagled as if our life depended on it (well, it did).

After a hot hike up to the viewpoint, a swim in the clear pools was a welcomed refreshment. The word, "paradise" came to mind a few times while we enjoyed the clear blue waters... Semuc Champey is a series of falls and pools that sit on top of a natural limestone tunnel, and most of the water from the river flows under the formation, leaving a tranquil and beautiful formation.

Hasta la proxima

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and a deep drop down to a small subterrainean pool.
The EagleThe Eagle
The Eagle

Natural formation in the cave.
The ChildThe Child
The Child

Another funky natural formation.
In flight...In flight...
In flight...

The bats came out in their thousands.
Ahhh, water fallsAhhh, water falls
Ahhh, water falls

Semuc Champey, Guatemala
Gorgeous coloursGorgeous colours
Gorgeous colours

Semuc Champey
Semuc Champey from the viewpointSemuc Champey from the viewpoint
Semuc Champey from the viewpoint

Quite an amazing natural formation - the water flows underneath aswell through a natural 300 metre long tunnel.
Step by step the water fallsStep by step the water falls
Step by step the water falls

Semuc Champey from the view point (zoomed in)
Entrance TunnelEntrance Tunnel
Entrance Tunnel

The river flows under the falls at Semuc Champey
Refreshing dipRefreshing dip
Refreshing dip

in Semuc Champey, ahhh.
Arachnid friendArachnid friend
Arachnid friend

We had a lovely creature to admire beside the washrooms during a bus stop. A red rumped taranchula. A small one - only a 4 inch leg span. Isn't he cute?
Typical ferry boatTypical ferry boat
Typical ferry boat

...on the road to Flores we had a short river crossing at Sayaxche.

19th February 2012

Hey travellers. It's so wonderful to see these pictures and your journey. If you like caving, and make your way to Costa Rica, I worked in Barra Honda, a National Park (West Costa Rica) with caves that were "increyible" (about a 75 ft rap into the centre of the cave). They have fantastic trails running through a dry tropical rain forest, and it was teaming with life when I was there.... super amazing place. Here's a link if you're in that area:
20th February 2012

What an amazing trip! Sounds like you guys are having another wonderful adventure :)
21st February 2012

your cute taranchula, dont bring him home!!!! thousands of ats and you had a chance of taking only one in flight, WOW, so many beautiful places to see, I sure envy both of you, more rain coming tomorrow,

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