El Retiro...the kind of place you could retire

Published: January 8th 2009
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So after a stop over in Coban for a night, we made it to Lanquin yesterday around lunch time. I´ve never seen something so beautiful. We´re staying at a place called El Retiro...a field full of bamboo huts, a river right outside our door, and surrounded by mountains. Its so peaceful.
We´re sleeping in a loft, so we have our own little private room. Its great.
We went tubing yesterday down the river right from our hostel. It was about a 20min tube ride through the trees. It was so cool. Then we got to ride in the back of a pick up truck at the end to bring us back to our hostel. Katia´s dream come true...lol.
We spent the afternoon playing cards, sitting in the sun with some beers...just fabulous. We had a huge buffet dinner of just about every possible guatemalan food...it was delicious.
Today we just lounged around. We walked to the bank to cash some travelers cheques because there are no ATMs here and the walk was entirely uphill in the super hot sun. Once we got to the bank, I realized i needed my passport (duh!) to cash my cheques, so we had to go all the way back. Needless to say, we went for a nice swim afterwards.
We met a nice girl from Norway today, Stina I think is how you spell it, and she told us of all her travels around Central America. She´s travelling alone which I find so brave of her! We had dinner the three of us at a little restaurant down the road from our hostel tonight, it was delicious.

Tonight I´m going to try to stay awake until midnight for a little birthday drink before bed, but tomorrow I will kick into party mode for some drinks and dancing. They´ve got quite a happening little spot at the restaurant after dinner. Great music, great drinks, great people...its fun!

Anyways, thats it for now. We´re heading to Semuc Champey tomorrow for some cave exploring, pools, and bridge jumping. I hope not to chicken out! I´ll certainly think of my skydiving adventures baby...that´ll give me a push.

Miss you all.



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