Christmas Day

Published: December 25th 2009
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South America 002South America 002South America 002

Indian Wells natives bidding us farewell.
Greetings from calm seas off the coast of Southern Mexico en route to Guatemala.

The trip began in spirit when our long awaited Brazilian visas arrived on Friday, December 18 - forty-eight hours before we departed. Why the Visas were stamped and signed by the Brazilian official on December 3 but not release by the consulate until two weeks later will be a mystery known only to the ancient Brazilian god of visas. At least we got them!!

Our transit to the ship and embarkation went without a hitch. Once of board we learned that the (day three) Cabo San Lucas stop had been cancelled. One of the engines has a problem and in order to maintain the schedule that change was necessary. It was fine with us as we love sea days and have been to Cabo San Lucas many times.

We have already had some wonderful musical entertainers, great meals, evening cocktails in the Observation Lounge watching the sunset and a few naps to keep the pressure at bay. Since our last time on board the ship has been equipped with wireless internet through out so we are able check e-mail from our suite.

South America 003South America 003South America 003

We are on our way
our 87 day trip we will experience a wide variety of weather (Antarctica to the Equator) so the packing requirements were diverse. We planned, packed, replanned, repacked and now unpacked only to realize that yes, we forgot a few things. Fortunately nothing essential and we will have five days during our Florida layover to supplement our collection of necessitates.

I have done laundry since we’ve been on board. This is quite a delightful task. I put the dirties in bag, fill out a form, leave it on the bed and voile, the next day at 4 PM a nice man comes to the door, says “Good Afternoon Mrs. Brundage” and hands me clean laundry. I may forget the old method!

Acapulco was our first stop and since our most recent visit here two years ago things have really changed (to say nothing of the changes since our first visit some 20 years ago). City buses and cars are clean and reasonably new. The park at the cruise ship terminal is mowed trimmed and painted. Police vehicles have fancy wheels and officer uniforms (including BIG guns) are shiny and new. Is it drug cartel money or the result of
South America 004South America 004South America 004

60 brand new dodge vehicles on the pier in Acapulco
NAFTA and the Pan American highway? We were not able to find out but Acapulco is clearly experiencing prosperity.

That’s the good news. The bad news is, .that it seems the vendors have been watching QVC and adjusted their pricing. Cheap Mexican silver jewelry sold by street vendors is a thing of the past --- fortunately I have a good supply.


29th December 2009

I will do your laundry
Becky: For a bottle of Tequilla I can do your laundry 1 time per week :) love Jen and Bailey Woof
30th December 2009

Hey, haven't you guys been doing anything exciting? No entries since Christmas?

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