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It's 7:30 in the evening and I'm just getting down to writing of today's activities. I'm sitting out by the pool accompanied by a few other guests and the bartender. Karen is lying on one of the pool loungers and enjoying the warm tropical breeze created by our forward motion through the Pacific as we move northward toward Mexico. Today was spent in Guatemala on a journey that took us high up into the mountains to a lake resting 5000' above sea level. It's our last alarm day of our trip, Monday. We're both up at 6:30am since our tour leaves at 8am. I cashed an extra $100 from our shipboard credit just in case Karen finds something to her liking today. With a light breakfast out of the way, we report to the BB King ... read more
Streets of Guatemala
These Are Not Our Buses
We Pass Many Homes Like These

PLANO Y CALIENTE A febrile landscape spreading out sweating under broiler flame you drop down descending in this chromed and rainbowed Blue Bird once yellow as a canary a parrot drop down gears whining muffler full throated rumbling the distance seen from these mountain hips stretches hazed as sea fog Hiroshima plumes rising there and there and there again the paper leaf of the cane is set to the match to sweeten before it is crushed the liquor hummingbird nectar the dust rises behind tractor wheels dust dust forever dust from trailer wheels spilling over with heaped tangled cane cocoa brown the sun descending through this gauze of smoke light bending the sun's message a blood orange sliced open at its perfect equator a sacrifice crazy crimson flesh now touching treetops sun so perfectly round a ... read more

Puerto Quetzal 12th April Puerto Quetzal Another staging post for trips into the interior of Guatemala. The trips were long so we made do with a quiet ship, actually not so quiet as a lot of passengers thought the same. There was a small tourist area selling local products, Internet cafe and some bars.... read more

Puerto Quezetal, Guatemala The average age of people living in Guatemala is 20 years old! I was shocked……….- hard to believe. Where have all the old people gone?? We were also told that there was nothing around the Port but Antigua, 50 miles away, was the place to go, so we booked a cruise coach trip to get us there and back. Antigua is surrounded by three volcanoes – two of them active, Fuego (last eruption 2012) and Acatenango with two named peaks. ( last eruption 1972) There are 37 volcanoes altogether in Guatemala – not sure how many are active – but at least two!! We duly waited for our trip to be called (about 10.15am) – Do it Yourself Antigua – basically we had just booked the coach there and back, oh and the ... read more
chicken bus
funny how the sunset also looks like a crocodile

Today I met the crew of sailing vessel Koae a 42' Westsail captained by Jesse B. and crewed by two friends Amanda, Paul and now me for this leg of the trip. They were a much more simpatico crew than Bruce was on last year's trip. Greatly a great group. I met them at the marina, we did a bit of cleaning, filling water, rebuiding the wind vane, and then off for provisioning. A hefty $700 grocery bill means we probably went a bit overboard. With daylight ticking away, we motored out of the marina with an engine that had started to run rough since Mexico, so after 5 minutes we shut off the engine, and hoisted the sails as the sun was setting. Jesse made dinner, after that he went over some of the operations ... read more
2015-01-25 17.56.44
2015-01-28 11.49.01

Well been really busy so have been pretty relaxed about blogging. Since my last blog we have been to Monterrico, Antigua and back to the lake. I am sitting here in my little slice of heaven, located here on Lago de Atitlan in the small town of San Pedro. Monterrico is a small town on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. The beaches are black sand and very hot, in fact so hot you can't walk on them without shoes and even then you had best to do it early in the morning or late in the day. We stayed at a very nice place run by a Finnish man and his beautiful artist wife. They have a small place with about 11 or 12 rooms? The pool and the gardens are just amazing, so if you ... read more
Gardens on the shoreline
Just pretty!
Beautiful Garden

We were being very indecisive about where to go next but as we haven't had much sunshine yet on this trip we let the weather decide and headed to the pacific coast. Monterrico is just two hours outside of Antigua and the weather report was the same every day, 32 degrees and sunny. That'll do! I asked around about how to get there as I am not a fan of the tourist shuttles. They are a lot more expensive than public buses but just as cramped. To get the public bus we would have to change buses in a small town that doesn't have a good reputation. In most places I have been the locals will stick up for places, saying that they are not as dangerous as people say. This does not seem to be ... read more
Too cute
black iguana
Nature reserve

Los Tortugarios Its 5:15pm sunset on the Pacific. I have joined a queue of excited children and their parents. Just yards from us rollers are crashing down onto the black sands.I am in Monterrico on the Pacific coast of Guatemala spending a few days on the beach. At 5:30 on the dot 3 workers from the Biotopo Monterrico-Hawii Wildlife Reserve carrying 2 big plastic baskets arrive and immediately establish order by drawing a big line in the sand parllel to the sea. We are not allowed to step over. Handing over our 10 quetzal tickets (about 70p) a precious tiny baby turtle is dropped into our palms. We hold these tiny crittars, flippers flapping ready for the off. On a count of 3 we drop to our knees and release these tiny crittars over the line ... read more
Mangroves at dawn
Sun Rising over the Mangroves
Me and the Dawn

De cursus is voorbij en relaxeren is begonnen! De laatste 3 dagen van de cursus zijn we voor ontspanning naar Cay Chaulker geweest. Een eiland in de Carribean met alles erop en eraan; blauwe luchten, witte stranden, palmbomen en harpoengeweren. De 'waddeneiland'-impressie was redelijk adequaat, er is behalve luieren en stappen weinig te doen op dit eiland. De tweede dag hebben we een snorkeltour gedaan om aan het eiland te ontsnappen. Het op één na grootste rif ter wereld (the Great Barrier Reef is de grootste) ligt langs de kust van Belize. Zodra de internetconnectie het toestaat komen er filmpjes aan met schildpadden en mantas.. Geweldige duik gehad! Vincent is na een bezoekje aan Miami bij de groep gekomen. De vrees dat er een andere “Crazy Dutchman” bij de groep kwam bleek volledig gegrond! De internationale ... read more
Als je goed kijkt zie je drie vulkanen
Als je bij me thuis bent geweest

So it's Christmas Eve and it has been a long while since my last post....many reasons for that could include being in the middle of nowhere, lack of internet connectivity etc etc. but actually it just comes down to my complete ineptitude in being able to work a blog page....I couldn't remeber how to logon, post or publish a now I have finally worked it I am. I am currently about 6km from the border of El Salvador on the Pacific Coast, volunteering with Akazul a sea turtle conservation program and community engagement intitiative. Getting here was an interesting adventure. I got a boat from San Pedro to Panajachel and then a shuttle form there to Antigua, a beautiful colonial town with cobbled streets, impressive architecture and a number of crumbling churches which have ... read more
Antigua market

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