Antigua, so much to do and so little time........

Published: May 14th 2012
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The magnificent volcanoesThe magnificent volcanoesThe magnificent volcanoes

Looming above town
Our last stop on our Central American adventure and that involved a last pit stop in Guatemala....

The lovely Antigua....

Certainly a no brainier alternative to Guatamala City.

We arrived after a long 9 hour journey, which stated with the 40 minute rough road back from Semuc Champey and continued with the twists and turns through the mountains.... Not great when you'd had a bit too much rum the night before..... It was about 4pm when we arrived in Antigua and got dropped off in the main square and had a short walk to our hostel..... La Tereza ...., which had some little luxuries like hot water, filtered water, free brekkie, which wasn't your average bread and jam... Pancakes, omelette, scrambled eggs....

Once again Guatemala was spoiling us....This place is really really pretty. Much bigger than Flores but with three volcanos surrounding it rather than the a lake, so the views are spectacular. We haven't had nearly enough time to fully experience all this place has to offer...You can walk around the town's cobbled streets for hours, checking out all the beautifully brightly coloured buildings, churches, plazas and markets, eating prepared mango, watermelon, pineapple etc from the street vendors as
Typical DressTypical DressTypical Dress

Hard at work
you go, which is what we did on our only full day here. And that's really what we were ready for after our full on week of travelling and sightseeing the best Guatemala had to offer....

The climate is great, a bit cooler because of the volcanos, so the hiking and views would have been fantastic and we'd love to come back and do it and mountain bike our socks off.

There are Spanish schools everywhere too and it is so inexpensive.... About $75 for a weeks lessons (20 hours) and that's without bartering, so if we'd have gone in and negotiated we may have even got it for $100 for the pair of us!

A chilled out way to spend our last night in Central America, which has been an absolute dream to travel around. We've seen and done some spectacular stuff and met great people along the way..... A huge thank you to Kerry for suggesting we bolted CA to our trip rather than rush and try and do all the other locations we had on our list.... We have loved it!

South America has certainly got some living up to do if it
Beautiful ArchitectureBeautiful ArchitectureBeautiful Architecture

Just one of the many churches
is compete with its northern neighbour.....

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More ruinsMore ruins
More ruins

Contemplating the end to Central America

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