Published: March 21st 2012
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Well let's see if I can get this one to stick. I typed up a similar post a while agoand lost it somehow on this system. After a quick hulksmash, I'm back to try this again.

Antigua is a beautiful old city, originally aSpanish settlement that is now popular for Spanish language courses,colonial ruins and history and has a very cool laid back vibe. We walked through a massive convent which at one time housed at the most fifty nuns at a time. Lifewas not a all easy for nuns back then, as penance was exacted in often violent ways to ensure the sanctity of their souls.

In themiddle of the grand square was a beautiful fountain that isn't just for atmosphere. Indiginous women can be found througlout the day dressed in bright clothing, babies in tow, washing their clothing in the cement/stucco basins providedspecifically for this use. There is very real poverty in this country.

You know how we go nuts for European chocolate? well, those cocoa beans are likely fromGuatemala or somewhere along the equator. Just want to give a shout out to the country that has in part made this big butt possible. I thank
Guatemalan BeansGuatemalan BeansGuatemalan Beans

Are the best you will find in the world!
you Guatemala.

We are staying with a friend of my friends and I am truly appreciative of the hospitality we have received, I have had such a personal and in depth experience here due to the ability to speak directly with people who quickly become friends.

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