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Published: August 26th 2010
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Ride to Earth LodgeRide to Earth LodgeRide to Earth Lodge

we sat with the dinner
Soy Ryan. Quick summary since Copan. Stayed in some groovy hotels in Antigua. The 2nd of the 4 nights in Antigua we took off to the Earth Lodge - a neo-hippy commune 30 mins outside of Antigua in the hills. They have a-frames, dorms, and 2 tree-houses. We had reserved the super sweet tree house, isolated with a great view. As you must know, I am a tree house expert, and was delighted to learn some new techniques for future tree houses. Our house was basically built off of just the main trunk, with only the hammock and some of the deck supported by the upper limbs. Most of the people there are volunteers for the local school and then volunteers working at earth lodge for free place to stay. Pretty sweet, and great food, including another big family style dinner. Oh yeah, and got to see one of the 2 volcanoes nearby spewing smoke and lava for most of the night.

In Antigua, we’ve just been eating and shopping. Brad is gonna be upset because we found all the cheap wooden face masks he was looking for. $50 in the states, $5 after bargaining in the market. We got enough crap today to fill 2 big mayan carry-on bags. The best values in these parts seem to be masks, flip flops, socks, and cheap cheezy bracelets. All go for about 1 to the 10 americana prices. I got me about 20 pair of socks, all groovy styles, for about $6.
One thing I hadn’t noticed before - all the chicken buses have their own special name painted in calligraphy on their front window - Grace Julio, The California, and my favorite ‘Yolanda’.

Our last day was today - visiting a bunch of ruins after shopping, then a nice dinner. Packing is done and a noon flight takes us back to the so far most foreign city on our trip = ft. Lauderdale. Friday back in Denver for a few days of work, baseball, errands, and packing again for next Thursday’s trip to the west coast. Over and out.

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View from treehouseView from treehouse
View from treehouse

pretty amazing way to wake up.
Volcano erupting at earthlodgeVolcano erupting at earthlodge
Volcano erupting at earthlodge

view from the main lodge
Gettin whippedGettin whipped
Gettin whipped

by the witch doctor. reeds soaked in whiskey
Weird guyWeird guy
Weird guy

who whipped us and hangs out at San Simon church
Paying homagePaying homage
Paying homage

to san simone, some prostitute, one of the many who hang out there. Nice glowing sign.

in the ruins with old Guat women.

Just browse throught the piles of clothes.
Cemetery AntiguaCemetery Antigua
Cemetery Antigua

nice view for this person
La MercedLa Merced
La Merced

one of 4 ruins we visited

lindz hanging out in one of the 'retreat' rooms.

26th August 2010

You stayed healthy, didn't get robbed or mugged and looks like you had a great time. Success! Safe travels - and welcome home. PS.. LOVE the treehouse!
26th August 2010

Great blog, sweet pics, see u guys tommorrow!
26th August 2010

You are exceedingly good looking. Delicious. I have saved this photo. It makes my palms sweat. When you split with Ryan, give me an email and I will come over right away. I'll be there :) x

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