Pointe-a-Pitre...time to go home...

Published: January 6th 2015
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It's time to go back home...this is the end of 12 pretty cool days in the Caribbean! And I know, I'm writting this a good month after I left the Caribbean. Not the best idea, but there was a lot to write and sort pictures about this little adventure.

There is one thins for sure, I shall be back on the Club Med 2 one of these days. It's not plan either for 2015 or 2016, but I still want to stop over in Anguilla, as well as St Kitts and Nevis, and as an added bonus, why not St Martin! Next time, I may actually even fly with my golf bag on top of my diving equipment and black tie...should be some interesting packing!

Last stop, is actually a short stop, as it is time for most of us to take our plane back home. We are back in France, this time, Pointe-a-Pitre in Guadeloupe. The boat arrived in the morning, and we had our transfer to the airport in the middle of the afternoon. So morning time, let's go to explore the city of Point-a-Pitre. This place is also the ending point of the sailing race, La Route du Rhum, that take place just few weeks ago.

Sadly, the people of Pointe-a-Pitre are far away from being the most friendly of the Caribbean inhabitants...and even more sad, that's actually their reputation. The reputation on living on the money brought back from France is not the nicest one, and it does shows when you walk the streets of the city with a camera!

We spent the morning touring the tourist market of St Anne, and the less touristic market by the sea side. It's actually pretty fun to see the architecture of France in the little corner of the world.

It was time also to say bye to a great group of friends. Few of them I know I will meet again, the only question is more like when and where are we going to meet again. You never sure you will have some serious fun on such a cruise, when you are aware prior to arrival that the average will be anything from 55 to 60 years old. Well, you don't need to meet a lot of people, just few amazing ones was more than enough to have a great time. On the GO side, aka the staff....sadly this has become more of a job, like any other job...the passion seems to be long gone...but hey, who cares, I dive ad diver do share that passion that I look in people....at least most of them. So more diving coming soon, and not that many weeks in Club Med planned for the coming months!

The transfer to the airport was a short 20 minutes affair. The airport is pretty small and of no real interest. I board my Air Caraibes flight packed with Belgian pensioners back from a Costa cruise...trust me, that's a true no-no for me, not today, not even tomorrow....The plane was packed...the ride was 8-9 hours too long...but I made it to a sunny winter morning in Paris...for more adventures to come!

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6th January 2015

I remember the place perfectly. Why is it that French people (not ALL of them, of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) are not nice????????? Well, also their descendants. It´s a pity.
7th January 2015

I'll take one dozen please!

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