First Weekend in El Salvador

Published: August 29th 2015
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The team during orientation in front of El Sal's flag. From left to right: Taylor, Brooke, Logan, me, Jordan, Emma, Rayvn, Drew, Lane, Emily, Tanya and Asher.
So we finally touched down in El Salvador Thursday afternoon. After months of fundraising and patiently waiting we finally made it to El Sal. Being here these past couple days has totally made all the hard work of fundraising worth it, and I am nothing but glad and thankful that God has called me here.

It has been such a blessing to be able to work with such awesome teammates, and we're all really becoming a family. We've all opened up a ton, and we're growing closer in unity as well. It's also super cool to see how everyone's gifted in different ways. Asher and Emma are phenomenal worship leaders. Emily is such and extrovert and loves to engage with everyone. Lane came across as quiet but has really opened up and is really fun to talk to. Drew is like an anointed handyman and can do just about anything. Logan's hilarious and outgoing and will probably be the first to make friends here in El Sal. Brooke claims she's not good at sports or anything but she's always willing to try and always has a smile on her face whenever we play our games. (Unfortunately shes managed to

Why sit and wait at the airport doing nothing when we can take selfies? Emma and Jordan seem to agree.
be hit in the face twice and hit with rock as well, poor Brooke.) Jordan is very knowledgeable of the Bible and it's really cool to talk to him about it too.

And of course how could I forget our wonderful leaders. Taylor Condrey who's been a phenomenal spiritual leader, has lead us in prayer, and has lead a group quiet time with the guys. Ravyn is also an amazing prayer warrior and loves to show us around. She spent a year in El Sal last year and has been a guide and a translator for us so far. She also leads the girls in a group quiet time too. Taylor and Ravyn will also be disciplining each of us one on one. Taylor the guys and Ravyn the girls obviously, and I'm totally looking forward to that too.

Tanya is also one of our interns but she will be coming in two weeks. Tanya's still got some fundraising to do so I encourage you to pray for her as she finishes up fundraising these last two weeks. Can't wait for our team to be fully united when she gets here!

All in all

Of all the amazing sights I saw from the airport this mountainside community was the best.
I have enjoyed these past few days. I am so excited to see what God does through us this year, and I can't wait to go out and start our ministry in El Sal. Continue to pray for us as we prepare to get ready for classes at the University, ministry with an orphanage, and other ministries that God may open up for us. Thanks as always and stay tuned for my next update coming up soon!


30th August 2015

Praying for you!
Nana, We are praying for you! I'm so excited that the Lord helped you raise all your money; HE is so good, and HIS timing is perfect!
31st August 2015

Good Word!
Thanks for the update! I really appreciate you giving us some insight into the lives of each of the students. Please know that you are in our prayers and look forward to reading more updates!
31st August 2015

Have a great time, Nana!
Hurrah! You made it! Poor Brooke: better stay away from you guys if she wants to keep her face:-p Looking forward to more details about the food, the place you go and the people you met. Cheers! Auntie Zelda
2nd September 2015

go team El Sal!!
Excited to see and hear all about God's marvelous work through you :-)
5th September 2015

Great update :-)
seems like an awesome team indeed! thank God for putting y'all together :-) looking forward to hearing about all that is to come

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