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5th October 2015

Lovely!I don't make a distinction
Hi Nana: so glad to hear about your progress. Great job, keep it up! Oh since you've been into movie nights lately, I wanted to recommend a few movies and books: "Salvador" is a movie directed by Oliver Stone about the civil war and America's role in it. There is also "innocent voices" directed by Luis Mandoki. Both movies are kind of sad and heavy, so be in a good mood before watching...however it is very informative. I also recommend comic books to enjoy learning Spanish! :-)
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1st October 2015

Praying for you always!
We're so proud of you and thankful for how God is working in your life. Take those quiet moments to hear from Him. We will continue to pray for team unity and the chance to share His love with people there!
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27th September 2015

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I told Emily I love hearing about this amazing journey from all of you. It's so cool to see how God is working through each of you. You are in our prayers.
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15th September 2015

Learning so much from you
Nana: you're giving me my first real a view into Salvadoreno life, and I'm really enjoying your stories! Thanks for sharing. Guess double orders of veggies wouldn't hurt:-) and pack some extra wipes for the beans, lol
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13th September 2015

keep pressing on!
Love your zeal! Keep at it. Remember, success is determination, and with God on your side, Heaven is the limit! Love ya :-)
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5th September 2015

Great update :-)
seems like an awesome team indeed! thank God for putting y'all together :-) looking forward to hearing about all that is to come
2nd September 2015

go team El Sal!!
Excited to see and hear all about God's marvelous work through you :-)
31st August 2015

Have a great time, Nana!
Hurrah! You made it! Poor Brooke: better stay away from you guys if she wants to keep her face:-p Looking forward to more details about the food, the place you go and the people you met. Cheers! Auntie Zelda
31st August 2015

Good Word!
Thanks for the update! I really appreciate you giving us some insight into the lives of each of the students. Please know that you are in our prayers and look forward to reading more updates!
30th August 2015

Praying for you!
Nana, We are praying for you! I'm so excited that the Lord helped you raise all your money; HE is so good, and HIS timing is perfect!
28th August 2015

go team el sal!
glad to hear you're on the ground :-) looking forward to hearing all the great stuff God's got in store!

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