Joys of Juayua

Published: August 24th 2008
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The next stop along my journey was a little town in El Salvador called Juayua. Unfortunately I was only able to spend a couple of days in El Salvador because I only had about a week and a half left and really wanted to spend a bit more time in Nicaragua. My time there was lovely. Juayua is a small town along the famed Ruta de las flores which runs through beautiful coffee country in northern El Salvador. The landscape was really quite incredible. I stayes at a lovely hostel in Juayua run by a young couple of musicians. It was a very comfortable space full of art and beauty. This sleepy little town was a big change from the bustle of Antigua and I really appericiated the change of pace.


25th August 2008

your trip
Glad you did Antigua and El Salvador. Antigua has a great historical value as it was the capital of the Central America region right after independance before each central american country went on their own. So I think it is a must if you are in the area. I find El Salvador pretty similar to Nicaragua if you ask me, for some reason I find the people of these two countries very very friendly too. I couldnt tell differences from one to another. Guate and Honduras and Costa Rica are little different. Please be safe, good luck to you and keep posting.

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