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As I sit riding awake in a van that left our hostel at 3 am (it's now 430) listening to old pine by Ben Howard I can't help but reflect a little bit. As the continued to go on and hit it's last third I've been finding myself spending more time writing in a journal than writing a blog. I've always seen people do it, but every time I've started a journal I find myself writing a couple entries and it getting lost somewhere. To me, it's hard to write about specific memorable experiences like volcano boarding. Words don't do it justice, and the memory feels stronger than what's written on paper. I've found rather than putting down the specific memory, I've written on some people, certain experiences have opened up a little different thinking. As ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Zonte November 15th 2013

I didn’t really know what to expect when it came to El Salvador, for I had never met another backpacker who had been here. All I knew was that it is a small country with waves pummelling the west coast night and day, which is what drew me to its shores. Picture this conversation being repeated thousands of times over all my years of travelling: Friendly person I’ve just met: “Where are you from?” Me: “Australia.” Inquisitive person I’ve just met: “Oh, do you surf?” Me: “Ah, not really.” Very confused and uncertain person I’ve just met: “But you’re Australian!?!?” In Nicaragua, at the absolutely stunning beach of ‘Playa Hermosa’, I decided it was high time that I made a concerted effort to finally fit the stereotype of all those who call Australia home. After taking ... read more
Playa El Zonte by Day
The approach of sunset
Dusk at Playa El Zonte

Dear Blog Readers, So with Volcan Fuego fuming behind us and a ridiculously uncomfortable shuttle ride that ended up lasting 7 hours instead of the advertised 4 hours due to the main road being blocked off - bloody volcano! First impressions of El Salvador from the window view of the shuttle bus (once I got my bunched up knees out of the way of my face) were that it was very quiet as we wound through some small villages. The lack of tourist infrastructure was obvious and there were very few buses, signposts or obvious tourist spots en route. The two hour drive from the border took us along the beautiful Pacific coastline until we stopped at our destination - El Zonte. We stepped out onto black sand outside small locally run restaurants. The nearest hostel ... read more
Interesting Drink!

For Semana Santa this year, I decided I wanted to head to El Salvador since it's one of the only Central American countries I have left to travel before I leave to head back to Canada in June. I do still have Panama and Belize as well, but I figure I can do those some time in the future as a trip from Canada. Paule had also never seen El Salvador and Bridgette decided to come along as well, so the 3 of us girls were off on Saturday, March 31st around 5am - heading to the Ticabus station to catch our 6am bus. I think it cost us about $30 round trip for our ticket! AMAZING! (Fairly comfortable bus too with a bathroom that isn't the nicest but functions for emergencies). It was about an ... read more
Eldorado Hotel
Our room upstairs at the hotel
Beach Patio

After that epic Journey we arrived again on the pacific coast at Playa El Zonte. When the chicken bus dropped us off on the road there was an old women selling fruit and a dirt track. El Salvador's answer to the Costa del sol. The place we stayed was Asencia Nativa which was a really chilled place with a pool and some really cool people. I was the only one that went surfing because Ellie was ill. Surfing was great fun and I definately want to to some more even though it involved falling over alot. ... read more

Kurzaufenthalt an der Pazifikkueste von El Salvador. Da auch hier zu viele "Gringos" anwesend sind gehts direkt weiter in die Hauptstadt San Salvador.... read more
Ausblick auf den Pazifik

Hola! Gorf here again doing another froggy blog, this time from El Zonte beach, El Salvador. This is a great coast for surfing, one of the best in Central America - and El Zonte has a right hand point break (just in case that means something to you). Keith has been in heaven. Bit of surf fitness to find again after a few weeks off, but great waves to be had just outside our door and surprisingly noone else out on them at 5am! Tessa and I prefer a bit of a lie in, but on a few days I managed to drag her out of bed to hang out watching the early surfing action. Keith couldn´t bring a board (planes won´t take them at this time of year) so luckily there was a range of ... read more
After heavy rain
The catch

Hola again! Thanks everyone for your comments and messages! This entry is from El Salvador... But before we get into that, a bit more on our last days in Monterrico, Guatemala. Tessa, Keith and I volunteered to do some teaching at one of the local schools, which was a bit daunting when our Spanish is so halting. It would have been even more daunting if we had realised in advance how little English the children knew! The school is a couple of kilometres out of Monterrico, so I got to ride in front of Tessa on a trusty Proyecto Linguistico Monterrico bike again. The school is called Escuela La Curvina and is for kids aged 6 to 12. They are busy catching up on class work after missing some school with the storm (la tormenta) a ... read more
Chilling out by the sea
Packed in on the bus
Who needs buses

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Zonte February 12th 2009

Getting to El Zonte, one of the best beaches in El Salvador to go surfing was a challenge, from Juayua we have to get off at Sonsonate then a bus to Santa Tecla, then La Libertad then to El Zonte. Good thing transport here is quite cheap and the roads in this country are well paved and so quite good. The waiting for chicken buses to show up really tests your patience though. Arriving in El Zonte we found Esencia Nativa, we promised Thor the Dane to meet him up there, Alex the owner right away welcomed us in and he asked me if I was the Brazilian because I was wearing the Brazil hat, we realized Thor already told him we are coming, the room is not available yet but he will give us a ... read more

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Western » El Zonte December 22nd 2008

Dear all, It's been a long time! These last two months have been full of hard work, success and laughter and I wish I could do it all over again. The English Summer School was a great success and last week at the Angeles Descalzos Christmas Party the infamous recorder group impressed us all with their renditions of Jingle Bells and Rudolph! I am really amazed at how much they have learned in just over two months, many of them are so talented. In January we are going to take the children on another Campamento where I am going to work with four girls who will continue teaching and developing the group in the new year. My time on the project has gone by so quickly, at the time you don't even realise and then, suddenly, ... read more

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