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February 27th 2010
Published: February 27th 2010
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Corn Islands 2Corn Islands 2Corn Islands 2

little corn
The Corn Islands is a very beautiful place - the water is clear and perfect for diving and snorkeling. I stayed mostly in Little Corn which has no cars and little modern luxuries but is very peaceful......I stayed at the beach in a wooden hut, did nothing for 3 days (chill in the hammock and eat fresh seafood) - good times. The flight to Corn Islands was really scary - the plane was soooooooo small, only 12 people can fit in and the you can feel the wind move the plane, thank God it was only a 1.5 hour flight.

I went back to Leon for my last week in Nicaragua & I stayed at a very tranquil hostel - La Tortuga Booluda - where I met up with Josephine, the German girl I met at Bocas del Toro, Panama. My last week in Leon was cool - I went to some bars that played really good live music, 'La Olla Quemada' is a really cool bar for the live music, 'ViaVia hostel' & 'Taquezal' are also good places to chill. Finally left precious Nicaragua on Sunday (Feb 14) after almost 2 months. The border crossing was an experience, my first stop in Honduras was San Pedro de Sula - a very cool & modern state, we passed through Tegucigalpa - the capital.

We visited 4 cities in Honduras in a week, crazy right? Originally, I planned on spending 2 weeks in Honduras but it started raining the 2nd day we got there and it rained for 4 straight days, we were lucky it didnt rain by the time we got to Copan Ruins. By the ways, the ruins were amazing but not as impressive as Tikal in Guatemala........well one thing about Honduras is that they have almost all the American fast food chains from Pop Eye chicken to KFC - one day, we had Donkin Donuts for breakfast, Quinos sub for lunch and Pizza hut for dinner.

We left for El Salvador on Monday........something very upsetting happened in the bus at the border. Two armed border patrol came into the bus to look over passports and traveling documents, the one looking over the documents didnt ask anyone a single question until he got to me. He started asking questions such as where am going to? Why I was going to El Salvador, For how long I was
Corn IslandsCorn IslandsCorn Islands

the small plane
going to stay there? Then he decided that he was going to search my bags and I was escorted from the bus to be searched.......His partner reluctantly searched my bag and I went back on the bus, the upsetting thing was that I was the ONLY person searched and questioned...It made me wonder because I was not the only foreigner but I was the only black - maybe I'm over analyzing but in my opinion the search was not necessary and if searching was part of their routine then more people should have be searched.

San Salvador - the capital of El Salvador is not a very pretty city, we stayed one night and left to Perquin - a very small town for about 5,000 people. We went there because of its history of the war, the town was a very strong oppositional stronghold during the war and its museum is very informative - it had information on what caused the war and the US involvement in the war. I found out like with every revolution - a lot of young people died, mostly university students, a lot of women also fought (with guns and all) in the war
Honduras 4Honduras 4Honduras 4

I was told this is the most important piece among the ruins in Copan
- the museum also had guns that were used during the war, its a pity taking pictures inside the museum is prohibited. Next stop was El Mozote - also a small town who suffered dearly during the war, the government troops killed over 700 people in a 3 days killing spree. We were told that the people of the town were divided into 3 groups: women (females of 9 years & over), Men and children and during the 3 days killing, the men were killed the first day then children followed, the women were raped first, then killed. So far over 200 bodies have been recovered, of which about 140 were children. Very sad history.

After that we went to Alegria, another small town with kindhearted people, the town has only 3 hotels, now we are at en Playa El Tunco - my last stop in El Salvador before going to Guatemala. This beach town is dominated with surfers and since I dnt surf, theres nothing to be done here but relax. I'm not complaining either because by Sunday, I would have seen 2 countries (9 cities) in two weeks, so I really need to just relax for a few days....

Oh, how I can forget, I did a tattoo in Leon...........

Happy new month to you all..........

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El Salvador 3El Salvador 3
El Salvador 3

El Mozote - the town where innocent people were killed
Corn Islands 3Corn Islands 3
Corn Islands 3

the hotel I stayed at little corn - "Grace place/cool spot"
Corn Islands 4Corn Islands 4
Corn Islands 4

@ the airport in Big Corn - you have to weigh yourself and your carry on luggage on that scale
Honduras 7Honduras 7
Honduras 7

the dancing jaguar - that was where the party took place

my tattoo
El Salvador 5El Salvador 5
El Salvador 5

The place with flowers was were the skeletons of the children were recovered from
Corn Islands 5Corn Islands 5
Corn Islands 5

the view of little corn from the light house
Leon 2Leon 2
Leon 2

Huberto - the guy that did my tattoo
Honduras 11Honduras 11
Honduras 11

the hostal rules for Iguana Azul, however when we were there it was very traquil
Leon 3Leon 3
Leon 3

the BEST RON ever - Flor de Cana
El SalvadorEl Salvador
El Salvador

the outside of the museum in Perquin - fallen planes
Honduras 2Honduras 2
Honduras 2

Human sacrifice took place here - the best ball player were beheaded to their god

10th March 2010

Cool tatoo! It is really neat. I would love to get one but....alas, I am deathly afraid of needles. Honduras looks amazing, especially with the history and ruins. I think you were searched b/c you are black. It is unfair and unfortunate and i don't think you were overthinking anything. It is good though that you pushed thru and still had a great time on your trip. Sometimes we black people let experiences like this close our mind off to travel forever. Not me! I keep going.
10th March 2010

I think you should get a tattoo, after the first one you will be hooked, i have 3 now. and Thanks
2nd May 2010

Wao and more wao
Damn lady now i can see that you are the person who at their 20's have traveled the most around south america. It is incredible that you have spent so much time trying to get acquanted with the latin american community. I'm very proud of you. Keepmit up my lady. Take care and keep sending me pictures of everywhere you go.
6th May 2010

Diego, I miss you! Cuenta me, hows EAFIT, tu novia y la vida?

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