Ohhhh, my dinner

Published: October 11th 2010
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This will be of interest to you all, I think. Guess what sat out on the counter from about, I'm guessing 1 pm, when lunch was over, til about 7 pm, when I had dinner. If you guessed the ground meat that I ate for dinner, you would be correct. Guess what sits out on the counter at night to thaw. If you guessed ground meat, you would again be correct. My dinner tonight was carrot-rice, which also sat out, (and I didn't eat because I can't eat any more rice, unless it is white rice with lime, then it is ok. But carrot-rice, or corn-rice or "Chinese"-rice or any other kind of rice is no go joe) and I think it was ground beef today, with some kind of seasoning in it, and it also had, like, small, tiny peppers or something in it...I put the meat onto two different rolls, pretty big rolls, of bread like a sandwich aka sloppy joe. It was not bad, except that I knew it had sat out for 6 hours, probably more really, since it sits out at lunch, which is normal, of course, but, on the counter for 6 hours...Not so normal. Though, here it is. That technically would be a cultural difference I suppose, because I know other host families do it, too, but, it's also not really healthy.
A friend of mine here, who is also from Minneapolis, told me today that when she went to a dance presentation tonight, she had to leave early so that she could walk home safely, and when she got up to walk out of her row, NO ONE moved. Not a tiny bit. She said she probably stepped on some toes, but, she couldn't help it! So, that was interesting.
Tomorrow we are going to a place here called Jarabacoa. It is supposed to be very beautiful! I am very excited. It is just a day trip so we will be back here at about 6:15 according to the itinerary, so, really, we will get back probably more around 6:45 7 o'clock. We will be going horse back riding and climbing...something. I don't remember what though!
So, that is all that is really interesting for now, that I can remember! Pat comes in 15 days!!!!!!!!!!!! I am VERY excited!!!!! It has been 43 days since we've seen each other! Woah! I know. And, it has been...46 days since I've seen my little brother! He was at camp when I left, so that was a bummer! For me. But, he had a lot of fun at camp, I know, so that is good!
Ok! I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy, not missing me too much, or at least not crying too much about missing me! I love you all!


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