Pancakes in the DR= always something!

Published: September 27th 2010
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So, about a week ago, I was having pancakes for breakfast again. Just sitting at the table eating away when a bird flew into underneath the overhand by the window. No big deal. A little bit later, a moth does the same thing. And it is not just any moth. I had seen the same one sitting out on the wall of the patio for a few nights but it didn't move, so I didn't really have an issue with it. But, the moth is AT LEAST the size of hand, width and length. This is NOT an exaggeration, I promise you. The thing is HUGE. So, I'm eating breakfast and I see it fly under there, right by the window, the open window, and I think to myself, "I sure hope that thing doesn't fly in here!" But then I say, no no, that would be ridiculous. It was not ridiculous. I was alone at the table, eating my pancakes in peace, and the GIANT moth flew right in through the window, in between the bars, and found a comfy little place for himself on the wall, about 5 feet away from me. My toes were curled very tightly, and I sat VERY still. I could see it's foot long antennas wiggling (that is an exaggeration, but they were long), and I did not know what to do! When it didn't move, I ate the rest of my breakfast very cautiously, trying not to move too fast, so as not to disturb it. When I was finished, I had a real problem. How to get up from the table without startling the thing. I very carefully set my utensils on my plate, then my napkin, and I said to myself, ok, you have to do this VERY slowly, Meghan. VERY slowly. That didn't work! It started flying all around and I had my plate and cup in hand, running to the kitchen, screaming softly, and my host mom said, "What is going on?" I said, in broken Spanish because I was so nervous, "BIG. Butterfly. Really big. Flying inside." And she said, Ohhh. Then she looked for it for a sec and couldn't find it. But, I saw it flying again and I said RIGHT THERE! Then, the other student living in my house said, What's happening, and I said, "BIG BUTTERFLY." He didn't say anything and he sat down calmly at the table to start to eat his pancakes. It started flying towards the kitchen, and I was NOT about to stick around for that, so I ran to my bedroom and closed the door most of the way, but kept it open a crack so that I could watch for it so they could capture it! It landed on the cupboard doors for a little bit, but my mom didn't see it there, then it started flying in the direction of my room, and I lost sight of it for a sec, but I did know it wasn't in my room. Then, my mom came and brought my juice from the table and said, I don't know where it went...Meaning, you are safe to come out I think. Well, I was about to, but then I spotted it on a plaque on the wall, so I showed her. She went to grab a towel to get it, and she tried to get it, but, it escaped. 😞 I kept my door cracked for a few minutes, and then, it started flying RIGHT FOR MY ROOM. So, I closed my door completely. A few minutes later, my mom came and told me she was going to do my laundry early that day because we were going on a trip to La Romana the next day and she wanted to make sure I had clothes. So, she had my door WIDE OPEN, and I was terrified, but she said, "We don't know where it went, Meghan." I had 20 minutes to get to class, so I walked out, carefully, to my backpack, which I kicked before picking up, and my host dad came out then and said, "Where is it?" I told him I didn't know, and I didn't care to know, either. When I got back from classes about 5 hours later, I asked the other student if they'd gotten it, and he didn't know. They got it out, I guess, and I have not seen it since then, thank goodness.
So, La Romana. BEAUTIFUL city. From Santiago it is about a 4.5-6 hour drive, I am not entirely sure. A long ride, in either case. The first day we stopped at a cave which was super awesome, but unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures. It was really cool though, it had ancient writing on the wall, bats (that was not one of the cool parts), and just very pretty. Then, we stopped at a place called "Los altos de Chavon" which was pretty cool, too. It is just a high point in the city of Chavon with an amphitheater, not an original one though, and a river and some restaurants. There were really not too many people there for how big it was. Then, we drove to our hotel and had dinner, and that was the night. The next day, we had breakfast and then took about a 2 hour boat ride to an island called Saona. Our families told us before going that it is the most beautiful place in the country. They weren't kidding. It is GORGEOUS. White sand, beautiful clear water, palm trees, and very un-busy because of how long it takes to get there. We were there all day, everyone got suburned, no one got enough water, but, I think we all enjoyed ourselves. I DO have pictures from there.
What else...On the ride back to Santiago, I sat next to a kid who has a girlfriend at home also and he plans on marrying her, so, he and I talked to each other about out significant others for the ENTIRE ride back. It was SOOOO fun! Because we both are just in love and it was nice to be able to talk to someone who understand entirely about missing someone SO much, but knowing she/he will be there still when you get back! And, it was nice, because it didn't take either of us long to figure out that the other students were not as interested in hearing about our significant other as we were in talking about them, so it was nice to be able to talk as much as we wanted about the person we love the most, for him, his girlfriend, and for me, my Phewfie! And, to know that someone else is here going through the same thing.
Otherwise, just school as usual. Still am having a rough time understanding what they are talking about, which is very frustrating. I am just hoping, one of these days! None of the ISA students really speak Spanish together, which sometimes is a bummer but sometimes is very nice. I bought some chips and salsa the other day. I got the off brand of the chips. No salt. And not tasty. 😞(((( I should have just gotten trusty old Tostitos. I got a giant bag of the chips, too, so, it's not like I can finish them quick and then get a good kind. It is going to take a loooong time. But, oh well. I still have chips and salsa at least! 😊
Ok. Well, that is all for today, I suppose. I am going to try to be writing a lot more frequently, now. So, keep up. If you want.


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