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Our day in Samana was a much different one. By this time I was getting tired of beaches and looking for something different. We had heard that there were waterfalls in Samana and were curious to see. When we stepped off the tender boat, there were local men all asking if we wanted to do tours. We found a guy offering tours to two different waterfalls. One was a large waterfall that you horseback ride to but it took too long, as we only had a few hours. The alternative was a smaller waterfall that they drove you to and then you hiked for 10 minutes to reach. We managed to barter down the price and off we went. We actually ended up going with one of the families that we were looking after their 3 ... read more
Hold My Hand
"Stepping Stones"
The Waterfall

The pictures say it all!!! This is why I love traveling! Many stories to tell about this trip, will add them later. Enjoy the views!... read more

July 9 2006. Our wedding day, and our first trip together. We spent about 2 weeks driving around half the island exploring and getting hopelessly lost. it was great! ... read more

Back to school last Monday only to find that the kids didn't go back until Tuesday. Damn! An early start for no reason. Still, Syma and I used the time to do some lesson planning and sort through the piles of paper and worksheets that had accumulated in the school office so it wasn't a completely wasted morning. The rest of the school week was pretty routine, i.e. blooming hard work. If nothing else on this trip, I've discovered on thing: I have no desire at all to be a teacher but I have total respect for anybody who is! The temperature in Santo Domingo has been steadily rising over the past week, as has the humidity, but this isn't surprising because the rainy season is just around the corner. Unfortunately, because the mozzies are rampant ... read more
Jurassic Park?
A parrot! Sitting in a tree outside our house! How cool is that!
Here comes the rainy season...

Esto es en Las Terrenas, Samana. Una playa hermosisima. ... read more

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