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October 2nd 2006
Published: October 2nd 2006
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Hi everyone,

Still no ability to load photos here I am afraid hopefully when I get to veradero in a couple of days. I have a fantastic collection however until then you will just have to take my word for it.

I am currently in Trinidad. I was supposed to leave yesterday however met a couple of great people and decided to stay a little longer. Laura is from Manchester in UK and Mary is from South Korea. We went to Casa de la Musica the night before last and had a great night. More Cuban music and salsa. There is a Casa de la Musica in every town I think however this one in Trinidad is outside. Was a beautiful night and the mojitos and beers were flowing. There was another Australian girl there who came up to our table and asked if we speak English I recognised her accent straight away the first Aussie accent since leaving New York actually. Her name was Amanda and she was having a little trouble trying to get rid of a local boy who we affectionately named the mosiquito cos he kept buzzing around. She was very funny and very pissed!she has been to NYC, Cancun and now heading to Peru so have covered the same territory as me more or less.

Last night we had soooo much fun went to a disco in a cave...seriously huge dance floor, bar and DJ in a full on cave not far from my hotel. Great music although they kept throwing in a slow song after a fast one and lets just say the mosquitos were a little hard to get rid of there as well.

Laura is staying in a guy name Johan's casa and he decided that he thought that mosquitos particularly liked Australian girls however I managed to cut myself loose after a couple of dances. Woke up with a nice hangover this morning after having about 3-4 hours sleep.

I was supposed to go to Cienfuegos today however am having so much fun here that I decided to give my accomodation there up to Jesus and go horseriding with Laura, Mary and Johan today. I am going to stay in Johan's casa tonight as well which is a change from a hotel (no aircon either not sure that I will like that bit). Lobster is on the menu for dinner tonight I think.

The food here is really crap actually so hope the lobster is OK.

Having been bought up with horses I was quite excited at the prospect of taking a ride today however also a little unsure how I would go as I actually haven't been on a horse for 22 years I figured out today. It all came back like it was yesterday! Even the guide said that my riding was excellent so Mum all those lessons are still paying off!! We were asked what type of horse we wanted, slow, medium or rapido and of course I went for the rapido one. She was great and liked to gallop so there was no time to ease my way into it. We had great views of the valley and headed to a waterfall for a swim which was very refreshing as it was very warm here today. Mary's horse fell into the mud up to its shoulder however she was very calm and I told her to get off the horse as it was struggling. Johan pulled it out of the mud and my horse was behind Mary's and so I grabbed hers and lead it out of the creek. It was very slippery and muddy in some parts as there was lots of rain here yesterday.

As for the tan I now have a singlet mark over my new tan so am not happy about that! The ride today was heaps of fun, the knees, bum and inner thighs however are feeling a little sore and I would think they may be worse tomorrow.

I am heading to Santa Clara tomorrow to see the Che monument and then can't wait to spend a couple of days on the beach in Veradero trying to get rid of the singlet mark.

Trinidad is my favourite place so far. Its a little more intimate here as its not as big as Santiago or Havana obviously and the people are fantastic. I am so glad that I decided to stay an extra day.

Hope to shoot you another update in a few days.

love Sim xxx

PS will do my best to post some photos before I leave here as well...


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