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5.5.2012 Had an early start today to go to Camaguey through the countryside it took a total of 7-8 hrs, 5 ½ driving, had a couple of stops on the way. Very agricultural, tobacco fields, sugar cane fields, bit cattle runs and also a lot of goats, the countryside is quite green but the animals look they are in poor condition. Like everything else in this country. 95percent of everything is state run, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies etc etc. The lines of people outside banks, bakeries, fruit shop (if you can call them that), butchers (yuk!!!) is incredible, the people here get rations on the 1st of every month and that usually can last them for 2 ½ weeks then they have to buy from their own money food for the last week or two. Stopped ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara April 6th 2011

Santa Clara Wednesday 8th April We spent most of the previous day travelling across the island from Santiago De Cuba. It’s a long bus ride but I’ve been buoyed by the news that my Santaria prayer for a football ticket has been answered and Pat and Henry are rather pleased that, 10 days into our tour, their luggage has finally caught up with them! Our hotel, the Los Caneyes is a large tourist hotel. At first we seem to have hit new levels of comfort. For the first time since leaving Havana we have something to attach our shower attachment to. Cat is slightly embarrassed to find herself in a suite with two bathrooms and with a bottle of champagne wai... read more
Captured Arms
Che Memorial
Inside Armoured Train

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara March 24th 2011

Next morning we ate brekky, Dario went to the bank while I packed and at 9am a bicitaxi with built in stereo system picked us up to take us to the bus station to catch one to Santiago de Cuba. The bus was 30 mins late, but we got on and arrived in Santiago at 12.30pm. A driver was waiting for us with a sign as Lidia´s sister runs a Casa in Santiago and we had organised to stay there. The driver drove us in a tiny little fiat with our bags tied to the roof to our grande casa. It was much bigger than any we had stayed in before, and really nice! We organised everything then headed out in search of lunch. After trying a few places we ate at a small place called ... read more
Monument in santiago
cuartel moncad
the freezing bus!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara January 5th 2011

And so to Cancún. The most visited city in Mexico by some accounts. Big, brash and eminently forgettable. Admittedly, we didn't do much there but prepare for our trip to Cuba. And being the opening act with Havana to follow was always going to be a tough ask. The bus from Palenque pulled in at the bus station and we walked the 1km or so from the bus station to the Hotel Soberanis. It was much as a hotel in any resort city would be – painted white. They're always painted white. Fearing that Cancún would be busy around New Year's Eve we had booked rooms quite some time before, so walked in with a confident “Buenas tardes”. It mattered not – there was no record of the booking and no record of the deposit paid. ... read more
The best way to see Cancún
View of Vedado, Havana, from our Room
Callejon of random crap, Havana

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara November 9th 2008

Hurricane Paloma hit central and western Cuba overnight although not with the force that was expected. We woke to almost clear skies and a hot morning. Anneris prepared another top notch breakfast and we packed our bags before walking back to Parque Vidal to try and find internet access. Both of us were feeling a little under the weather as a result of our big night so a quiet morning was in order. We spent an hour answering emails - one from mum enquiring as to our mortality on the assumption that the hurricane had caught us. We also caught up on the result of the New Zealand election and were pleased to see that sanity had been restored after so long under a Labour government. One of the things I was really struggling with in ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara November 8th 2008

I woke at 0500 and started coughing - a cold had been brewing for a few days, the result I suspect of frequent rainfall and 30 degree plus temperatures. I managed a few patches of sleep until breakfast at 0800. Anneris cooked us a up an omelette with a pancake and fruit along with grapefruit juice and some great coffee. We only had one full day in Santa Clara so we headed out early to make the most of it. Parque Vidal is the centre of town but it lacked the charm of Trinidad’s two main squares but as it was Saturday there were alot of people walking around creating some atmosphere. We were approached by a guy on the street claiming to be the quality controller at the local cigar factory. His timing was not ... read more
Derailed Carriage
Revolutionary Bulletin
Advertising - Revolutionary Style

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara November 4th 2008

I think Merryn and I have quite easily adapted the Cuban approach to time. I had thought of getting up really early and taking a walk through the old town of Havana, but instead, kept sleeping. Getting going was a slow process and we just took all the time in the world to get ready, have a leasurly breakfast, and then meet the rest of the group for the ´real´start of the trip. 2 people were still missing - they had visa problems and would be meeting us in Trinidad. We had a massive bus all to ourselves. It is specifically for tourists to Cuba. It was only 2 years ago when laws were relaxed enough to allow Cuban and tourists to visit the same restaurants or hotels, however, there is still quite a separation between ... read more
Dominos is a huge game here.  We came across some boys playing it on the street.
And here is the stereo-typical shot of one of their old cars.
You can get two types of beer here.  Cristal - 4.something % alcohol, or Buchanero, which is 5.something %. I loved the labelling of this one.

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara October 27th 2008

Santa clara was a breath of fresh(hot) air. The roads are far from crowded the big palm trees the sugar cane and the land so lush and green. Santa Clara is commonly known as ´Che town´! It is where the Che Guvara museum and memorial is and is where the locals say to go visit the ´Big Che´, his statue! So we went! We were to see later a photo of one of our casa particular hosts carry the casket of Che! He was very proud..... In cuba though you overdose a little on che. The best way to get around here is by bike or horse and cart. Its amazing to see a country so unspoilt. Our new casa was was a big old colonial building with a really friendly family and a very ... read more
santa clara
santa clara
santa clara

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara April 26th 2008

pictures coming soon... A stressing day has arrived, because we want both to visit the two revolutionary memorials in town as well as arrive not too late in Havana. First on the menu is visiting the ‘train memorial’, the place where the last battle of the revolution found place. Here we found out that a group of less then twenty guerrillas have conquered a train with more than 200 soldiers and a lot of weapons. Two days after, Batista fled the country and the revolutionaries took over the government. Very impressing. On the other side of town is the huge Che-memorial, together with a mausoleum and a museum about Che. At least it makes me realize how dependent revolutions like these are on charismatic leaders. After visiting the souvenir shop it’s time to find transport to ... read more
santa clara libre
auf dem weg ins museum
don marcello & il che

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