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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara January 28th 2019

Cuba Day 7. Sunday 27 Jan 19 Feeling much better today, thankfully, ready for the long coach journey to Santa Clara in the centre of Cuba. Old American cars, pre 1965 and most 1950’s make up towards 50% of cars on the road here and at our pickup point there was an iconic 57 Chevrolet which had been fitted with a Mercedes Diesel engine. We met other Chevvies during the day, one of which was an immaculate blue 52 model and we also saw an good looking 1950’s Austin A40 of British origin. We climbed up out of damp Vinales into the clouds where every window was steaming up with the humidity until we dropped into the valley onto the three lane dual carriageway of the A4 where the sun shone. This was Sunday and there ... read more
Chevrolet 57
Horse and cart with indicators
Local bus

Saturday 7 July Day 2: Cienfuegos via Santa Clara The next morning, we met David and after breakfast we took our bags to a taxi van which we to be our transport to Cienfuegos and Trinidad. This was where we would change drivers and vehicles. As we were only a group of 4, they didn’t need a large bus. We drove about 3 hours on the excellent National Highway 1 to Santa Clara. Upon entering Santa Clara, we encounter a huge statue of Ernesto Ché Guevara. We then took some time to visit the museum that is directly under the statue, and which told the story of Ché’s fascinating life. We could not take our cameras in the museum. There is also a mausoleum with an eternal flame that commemorates his death and that of ... read more
Ernesto Ché Guevara Memorial (2)
Ernesto Ché Guevara Memorial (8)
Ernesto Ché Guevara Memorial (4)

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara October 15th 2017

Today was another long travel day. We bade farewell to Trinidad early in the morning. I felt sad to leave this vibrant, colorful town as I would have liked to explore it in more depth. Today was the final day of our tour, and we were to drive back to Havana, with two stops en route - The Valley of the Sugar Mills and Che Guevara's memorial in Santa Clara. The Valley of the Sugar Mills is located just outside Trinidad. There, we visited Manaca Iznaga plantation. The former plantation owner's house was relatively intact, as was a tower on the premises, and some former slave quarters (now used as residences). This tower was used to view the operations of the plantation, which was staffed by slaves. I thought of the tower as an evil panopticon ... read more
Manaca Iznaga
Che Guevara Memorial
Che Guevara Memorial

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara December 31st 2016

Touring Cuba When we were in Cuba we also wanted to visit several places outside Havana. It turned out that it was slightly more difficult to get around than we expected. Bus tickets were often sold out several days in advance and trains in Cuba are most of the times scarce, unreliable and slow. Therefore we often had to take so called collectivo when we went from one place to the next. Collectivo is when people go together and arrange transport by sharing a taxi. It can also be someone who has a private car and is going to drive from one city to the next and pick up paying passengers to share the costs for the ride. Whenever we wanted to go from one place to another it was a constant struggle to try to ... read more
Benny Moré statue
Rancho Luna

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara January 25th 2016

En ce début de l'année 2016, j'ai pris la résolution, si pour moi c'en est une, de voyager le plus souvent possible. Évidemment, le neige tardive de cet hiver aurait pu me faire changer d'idée, mais après 5 bonnes années d'absence à marcher sur le sable blanc des Antilles et à entendre le bruit inlassable des vagues bleues, je me suis laissée tenter par un petit séjour sur l'île de Cuba, plus précisément dans l'archipel de Los Jardines Del Rey. Par contre, je ne vous parlerai pas ici du séjour en hôtel de luxe tout inclus, de ses bons et ses mauvais côtés (pour moi 5 jours fut amplement suffisant!) mais plutôt du court voyage en bus qui nous amène de l'aéroport à notre oasis bien planqué en bord de mer. Nous atterrissons à Santa Clara, ... read more
Crédit photo: internet
Magnifique plage de sable blanc
Belle végétation

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara April 14th 2015

Santa Clara doesn't offer an awful lot to the travelling soul, but what little it has is of immense importance to fans of Che Guevara. Before we arrived at our hotel we were taken straight to the one place which simply cannot be missed - Che's mausoleum. Che was killed in Bolivia in 1967 in a failed attempt to cause an uprising. Fidel Castro had his remains transported to Cuba, and those of 29 other revolutionaries killed in the same campaign, where they now lie in an enormous mausoleum. No photos are allowed inside, nor are they allowed in the informative museum alongside the tombs. There are other restrictions too, such as no hats or sunglasses inside, and no bags to go in with you either. Standing in front of Che's tomb was a moment for ... read more
Che's mausoleum
In front of the mausoleum
We hope we can be like Che - Fidel

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara March 25th 2014

Geo: 22.4137, -79.9657In de voormiddag nog een beetje tijd doorgebracht op het mooie strand van Cayo Santa Maria, check out van het hotel en dan met de auto terug over de mooie weg door het water naar Santa Clara.Santa Clara is de stad waar Che Guevara tijdens de revolutie de laatste slag gestreden heeft die geleid heeft tot de vlucht van de dictator Batista. De hele stad staat dan ook in het teken van Che Guevara met in de eerste plaats het monument van Che en het mausoleum waar hij begraven ligt. In 1996 is het lijk van Ché van Bolivië, waar hij is vermoord in opdracht van de CIA, overgebracht naar Santa Clara in Cuba. Het is nu zwaar bewaakt.Verder is er nog her monument van de ontspoorde trein. Die gebeurtenis is blijkbaar bepalend geweest, ... read more
Monument van Ché
Parque vidal, santa clara
Ché met kind

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara February 5th 2014

Geo: 22.4137, -79.9657The Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro is a compelling story which is made that much moreso by the ongoing, almost childish, animosity between Cuba and the U.S. It's a part of day-to-day life here and the propaganda is pervasive. We wanted to do our own walk through history and Santa Clara seemed to be as good a spot as any- it's often referred to as the spot of the battle that marked the beginning of the end for the despised Batista regime. Calling it a battle seems a bit of a stretch, and lauding the battlefield strategy of Che Guevara (who was commanding the guerillas in this area) would be a further stretch. The rebels used a bulldozer- which now serves as a memorial- to rip up some tracks and derail a train ... read more
Street Scene
Onion Salesman
Vintage Car

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara February 4th 2013

Day 461 Monday 14th January We woke up to glorious sunshine and the prospect of a huge day of sightseeing in Santa Clara. After reading the Lonely Planet again we discovered the Che Memorial is not open today so we have to do that tomorrow and then over breakfast Maria told us the Cigar factory was closed for the Christmas holidays till the 19th so no tours were running. After this we had a shortened plan for the day which included lots of walking. During breakfast Maria rang and reserved bus tickets for tomorrow to the next town and rang the next Casa to make a booking for us; it is so easy travelling this way. The first destination was Monumento a la Toma del Tren Blindado where the 18 rebels from ... read more
Santa Clara
Santa Clara
Santa Clara

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara August 20th 2012

In March 2011, a friend and I went to Cuba for a week. I can’t remember how we got the booking but it was around $380 return per person. We flew to Santa Clara on Westjet and flew back from Santa Clara on Air Canada. I found it interesting that they do not stamp your passport when you enter or exit the country. When going through customs (entering), I observed that a lot of people had brought food and all fresh food were confiscated. I had dried fruit and nuts which I don’t think were a problem but I also had a whole bag of fresh kumquats but they didn’t find them. After we exchanged some money at the airport, we found that Santa Clara is 12 km away and that the only way to get ... read more

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